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Healing Lyme Disease

Susan Chan has a story anyone with Lyme disease needs to hear. You can email Susan at


23 thoughts on “Healing Lyme Disease

  1. Biofilm…. goo that protects a biotic invader from the immune system. I have been looking at VitaminC as a therapeutic agent. I suspect it will work away at that film in just the same way as it works on a greasy kitchen. You can effectively clean your kitchen with just half a lemon. I swapped black tea with milk (which I must have been addicted to, drinking 10 mugs a day at least) for green tea with citric acid and a squeeze of lemon. Its about 3 grams per drink. I also make liposomal for my Mum who has cancer. 2 teaspoons in fresh orange juice, 3 times a day (that way its just part of the meal) I think you can see a difference within days, if only she would find the energy to take it herself whilst I am not here. There are many substances with similar properties I suspect in a raw diet, but for a 75yr old going raw would be a huge challenge.

    • +SuperSquark Cardboard Quark Hello, Please excuse my delay as I did not know about these responses! Your remedy is very interesting. Like you, I found my relief with mother nature. The main key was being consistent and allowing enough time for it to work. I hope you are doing well on your journey.

  2. Green juicing herbs etc but your missing the SIMPLE fact everything survives on a pulse positive negative neutral at certain frequencies/ pulses. RESEARCH a true wizard doctor royal rife who knew this and bio resonance the cure for all ills no drugs. Rayonex of Germany carries this geniuses work on. Nature shows us this that pulsating ball called the SUN and when it goes dark we get a alternative universal pulse as the charges alter at night. It’s so simple you just have to match each bugs frequency. And clone that frequency then amplify it as a English speaker would respond to another English speaking human but you would not if they spoke Chinese. So this is the groups of bugs in there society Many strains all having slightly different frequencies. There far superior to our drugs now as you see. Resonance must be used but no revenue for the corrupt gigs and pharma so it’s the people that will have to demand it be available. The CDC of USA have been shown to have a conflict of interest by many advisors being subsidised by pharma That must stop

    • +honda4004 Hello, please excuse the delay here as I did not know about the replies! Yes, much fuss over Rife. Knowing the match numbers is the problem as I gather. My cure came much simpler than using any abx or technology – all of which failed me. Mother nature was my simple answer. I hope you are doing well on your journey.

  3. I know what the tentacles are at 3:55 Susan… They are filarial nematode spirochete farmer Worms, a human parasite that the bug carries eggs of, and not just ticks. They make a biofilm brain to think with and communicate. Eat Wild Apple Leaf Anthelmintic and it will force them to access out of your body.

  4. @3:55 that pain is nano-tech morgellons splicing with your DNA and nervous system….. See a naturopathic doctor for all of you sicknesses. YES it is personal. These nano-tech bugs get commands for your death form WiFi network i.e., smart meters, cell towers/phones etc!!!

  5. Helps my Lyme:

    Herbs: (only used one at a time or 2 at different times of the day and take probiotic far from them) 3 drops 2 X a day may help and not hurt. Take on empty stomach.:
    Samento (Cat’s claw)
    A L complex (11 herbs)..may affect hormones, but was awesome help. Get from Alternative doctor.
    Cryptolepis- from Africa. Get from compounding pharmacy/Alternative doctor. Helped my spleen.
    Artemisia and clove
    Garlic (has Se and S) The Se may help the thyroid and the S may help detox.
    Oil of oregano capsules- drink lots of water with it..(very strong)
    and more herbs….

    Rhodiola/Vit B12 methylcobalamin (not swallow kind unless it has intrinsic factor in it), coenzymated B vitamins helps stress, makes a person more calm/helps sleep…raises oxygen.

    Helps adrenals: May help PSTD and POTS.
    LDN, Vit C, sea salt, Licorice (helps cortisol the body makes last longer), 1/4 Hydrocort (cortisol)5mg once daily, sleep, low stress (B vitamins and zinc may help stress), rhodiola, Ashwagandha, Orthomolecular Adren-all.
    (I do not take Licorice or Hydrocort daily..only at worse times and maybe after no sleep. If you don’t use the adrenals you lose them.)

    Circulation: Ginkgo 120mg/Vit E/Vit C/5000mcg of biotin, MTHF folate, fish oil thins blood.

    Constipation: Vit C, fiber, exercise, enough good water, fruit/veg, carrots, pumpkin, psyllium fiber, Mg, enough thyroid medicine, raw walnuts (open shells to avoid hidden gluten) and drink lemon water afterwards, tea, rice, strong probiotic, Epsom salt bath.

    Mitochondria help: coenyzme Q10 is the spark plug for the mitochondria, coenzymated B vitamins, Mg, Ribose, malic acid in apples, PQQ helps make more mitochondria

    Vit C/Si helps connective tissues which Lyme may bore through. Some Vit C may come from GMO corn. Alma fruit Vit C may help or real fruit.

    Lyme can’t live in a neutral body:
    Soaking in bath of Epsom salt/baking soda to help pH be more neutral and raises oxygen. Epsom salt has Mg and Sulfur. Lyme/antbiotic/Celiac may lower Mg in the body. Sulfur may help detox.

    Probiotics are good bacteria that can fight the bad bacteria in Lyme/coinfections. They may also detox and multiple/make B vitamins and Vit K.:
    Before a meal or at night (not with stomach acid and far from antibiotic)
    Ultra Floral Critical care
    Ortho Biotic
    Cyto Flora

  6. Helps my Lyme:

    Low sugar fruit: Lemon/lime/berries/cranberry/rhubarb/Granny smith apple
    Organic vegetables: Cruciferous family (cook so it doesn’t block thyroid)-broccoli, cabbage…..carrots, celery, zucchini, sprouts etc.
    Mushrooms (have Vit D and help the immune system with beta glucan)
    Oolong tea
    Soup or juicing helps get more minerals into a person along with 100% no gluten/hidden gluten/no GMO corn.
    Cage free/antibiotic free/organically fed poached eggs with sea salt/pepper/Chia on them.
    Raw walnuts (open shells to avoid hidden gluten on them. They are harvested in Sept. so freeze for the rest of the year so fresh and not rancid which makes free radicals.
    No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO.
    Th1 foods may kill Lyme. Too many Th2 foods may let antibodies form and cause swelling and not kill Lyme.

    Th1…Astragalus, Echinacea, Ashwaganda, beta-sitosterol, mushrooms, Licorice, Lemon balm, Ginseng, chlorella, grapeseed extract.
    Th2 Green tea, caffeine, pine bark extract, white willow bark, Lycopene in tomatoes, resveratrol in grapes/peanuts/cocoa, pycnogenol in bark/apples, turmeric. soy, quercitin in fruit/veg, onion, berries, kale etc.

    Blood sugar maybe high due to Lyme removing Mg which is needed for insulin. Mg/Chromium/organic sulfur, Ceylon cinnamon, Oregon grape root that has Berberine may lower blood sugar.

    Fe (iron), Mn (Manganese), Mg (Magnesium) may low due to Lyme/coinfections. Hair tests show good mineral levels and heavy metals. Taking these minerals may also help. Mg may relax muscles that are stiff from Lyme and help constipation.

    Hyperbaric chamber 40 times in a row (not weekends) and high pressure- Oxygen may kill bacteria.
    Rife machine- frequency may kill Lyme and coinfections.
    Some people try Ozone IV or food grade Hydrogen peroxide or MMS. (Read about these.)
    Colloidal silver- may hurt people (They may build it up if the liver can not detox it well.)

    Antibiotics may help, but also hurt. They may lower the immune system/hurt the gut lining/hurt mitochondria permanently so a person may need a higher dose of thyroid medicine. They may create a vicious cycle of not healing. Herbs may help and not hurt. Mg or food may block the antibiotics and at night antibiotics may not help if the Lyme is in cysts.:

    Doxycycline orally or IV
    Minocycline (goes into the brain)…dizzy/strange cognitive errors..but helped heart/brain.
    Bactrim – made my heart flutter which may be methylation issue, but it can be taken with food.

    • +Rikki lee Hello Rikki, Sorry for the delay here, I did not know about these comments! When I finally dug out the tick head myself, I did not know it was a tick I was dealing with because of the feedback from the medical community. It was not tested but I had 4 positive blood tests over the years for Lyme. I never had a false test result. I hope you are making progress with your journey.

  7. Hello Everyone, Thank you for your interest and responses. In answer to the question regarding the fb page, it is THE GIFT OF LYME DISEASE AND CO-INFECTIONS. Thank you all and I hope your journey is improving.

  8. Everyone is different amalgams may or may not affect some people the bacteria is more likely to spiral into and hide in Organ, muscle and central nervous system tissue.
    Cornelius and Peter’s vision clearly shows no food is unclean I don’t believe there is an association with pork. But if that helps you fantastic.
    You mentioned sauna, hyperthermia is an actually a great tx . Excessive heat kills off bacteria !
    Calloidal silver, prayer and herbs is so far my treatment for success ( and juicing ) thank you for your video very informative I do not have Facebook but can tell that you have compassion for people with this disease !

    • I’ve been debilitated for 13 years and tried a million things. A juice fast is one of the fastest ways to get a bunch of toxins out of your system fast, but I don’t know how weak and close to death you are. If you have someone who can take care of you and make juices order the books and DVDs for Gerson therapy. They have dealt with thousands of people dying of various diseases for decades. If you have cash, go to the institute in Mexico. Call the Gerson Institute, it’s a 1800 number and talk to them. This will take the toxins away fast. It should give you a leg up. It’s a lot of work though. These are the only things that helped me fast enough for a dying person to bounce back enough to be able to continue fighting. Once you get that first layer of toxins out of you with Gerson, the therapy takes a long time–2 years. But first the thing is to get strong enough immediately to figure out what to do. Good luck.

  9. Filariasis is a parasitic disease caused by an infection with roundworms of the Filarioidea type. … Cause . Human filarial nematode worms have complicated life …

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