3 thoughts on “Health According to The Scriptures

  1. I’ve just started watching your health vids in the last few days. I thought you must have been Jewish and that fascinated me as a religious person myself who loves to learn about others beliefs and experiences. Lo and behold, you post a spiritually based discussion! Awesome! Then I hear that you are also interested in modesty – another topic I too am passionate and interested in. This is a long vid, so i’ll have to come back to listen to the rest but i’m so excited to have found you! Thanks!

  2. Ach, it keeps stopping at 38:45 and it won’t continue! I’ll try tomorrow! I was really getting into the video and it is great.

  3. Ok, so I came back and watched the whole thing now…and Wow! This was amazing to me! So much I already agreed with and so much more to ponder and consider! Some of this was a direct answer to some questions I was asking! I’m truly impressed and grateful. Thank you! Oh and I fell for it, lol….your not Jewish. Messianic Jew perhaps? Anyway, loved it….off to watch more of your vids! 🙂

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