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Raw Food Author and Torah Teach gives this lecture about health according to the Scriptures. This Lecture was recorded in March 2012.


22 thoughts on “Health According to The Scriptures

  1. Where is the correlation here? You’re interpreting, and from Revelation, a book that didn’t even exist when Torah was established. You may be right, but I doubt it. Here’s why: The law & its consequences don’t tend to come in metaphor. The person is cut off, needs to give this or that sacrifice, etc. The law, in general, is plain enough to be understood by anyone, including us today. God, in His wisdom provided us the Torah in plain words thus more likely to be understood and followed.

    • Glory to the Most High in the name of his son Jesus Christ thirtythreeflavors my sister go to history and tell the Most High to guide you, you will understand that the New Testament is the word of the Most High when you see history when our God was on the earth as a human man that is Jesus Christ the Greek Roman was ruling over Jerusalem and in that time the Jews new there language like today the Jews know English because they came in slave ships now in days peoples call them African Americans read Deuteronomy 28:68 and look behind American dollar you will see a pyramid you need more proof that America is the new Egypt look up the free masons you will see Egyptian sculptures miss with Greek and Roman like The Washington Monument

  2. Hi, I just wanted to say that I agree with so much of what you said. I’m not christian, in fact I’m Muslim and our religion teaches something very similar about diet and modesty (both inside and out). I was pleased to see this video and intend to share it. Keep up the good work brother. Salam.

  3. I Praise ”God” that i decided to start ”Growing a beard”, because i would have never Found you..Thank you ”Jesus Christ”!! Jesus really does lead you to all Truth!! Thank you for ”obeying” the ”Call from Jesus Christ!!”.

  4. Hi Amber, I was just listening to Paul’s teaching up above when I scrolled down to read your comment. I began with the King James and then NIV translation but since have learned over the years that most translations in English are seriously lacking in substance. There is the “Messianic Jewish Shared Heritage Bible”, and “The Scriptures” is good, but I like to take each scripture back to the Hebrew which is the first and original language of Yahweh (the LORD) Message me if you have Q’s

  5. in most cases yes, but make sure they are “unpasteurized” so the life in the veggies isn’t toasted. You can throw some Kale in the blender, or Swiss Chard, or Wheatgrass, or your front lawn. Green usually helps to “alkalize” the blood and most, if not all dis-ease cannot survive in a high alkaline environment.

  6. Yes Paul. I miss the hats you usually wear. Great presentation btw. I didn’t know about the skin cleansing thing. Needless to say since I’m a brother I don’t wear makeup. Lol! I know its after sukkot now but if really like if you could email me that info also. Didn’t get to set up my sukkah this year. :_( I’ll do better next year.

  7. Shallom Not to contradict your message about fruit and vegetables being the very good foods for you. You said that the only spot in the Bible that says to eat meat is on the Passover. I must most humbly disagree. In DEUTERONOMY 12: 15-16 (KJV) reads 15: Notwithstanding thou mayest kill and eat flesh in all thy gates,whatsoever thy soul lusteth after, according to the blessing of the Lord thy God which he hath given thee: the unclean and the clean and may eat thereof, as of the roebuck, and as of the heart. 16:Only you shall not eat the blood; ye shall pour it upon the earth as water… And the (Living Bible) reads as fallows…. 15: However the meat you eat may be butchered anywhere, just as you do now with the gazelle and deer. Eat as much of this meat as you wish and as often as you are able to obtain it, because the Lord has prospered you. Those that are ceremonially defiled may eat it, too. 16: The only restriction is that you are not to eat the blood–pour it out on the ground, like water.. so it is recommended to consume meat in DEUTERONOMY. And though it might not be for everyone due to medical reasons. Yawheh Bless you, and may our Mashiach Yeshua, call and keep you as his own.   And i hope this is knowledge you can use in your Ministrie. Shallom      

    • Christian Defender Jesus ate fish in his glorified body. God sent ravens to deliver flesh and bread to Elijah in the morning and evening. That’s meat.

  8. Awesome lecture brother Paul! I sense the Lord’s been pressing it upon my heart to change my diet and habits pertaining to health. He has been using ministries such as Jim Staley’s, Michael Lake’s, and yours to help to reveal more and more of the truth in regards to all this.
    So, thank you for your work, brother!

    God bless you

  9. In the Bible it says that it is a very grave sin to harm the environment. Did you know that eating meat and dairy are the single worst thing you can do to Gods beautiful planet. Every time you take a bite your literally undertaking a massive sin without even knowing it. Climate change is here to separate those who use the gift of free will to choose to be meek and compassionate from the cruel and greedy gluttons who feast on the dead bodies of Gods beautiful sacred creatures. (Numbers 35:33 “You shall not pollute the land in which you live, for blood pollutes the land, and no atonement can be made for the land for the blood that is shed in it, except by your own blood.”) (Proverbs 23:20 “Be not among drunkards or among eaters of meat”)

  10. I have done many of the things you have talked about brother, but there are many that you have suggested I will definitely put into practice. I think the most effective thing I have done is replace 23 medical prescriptions to treat disease and many side or in your words right effects and have changed my diet and began using vitamins, supplements and essential oil therapy both topical and aroma therapy. I have a praise report to share, I’ve been healed of diabetes, I now have my blood pressure within recommended limits, my depression and anxiety are under control, I’ve shattered my hip, crushed my heel, crushed L-1 which is the 1st vertebrae in your lower back and have suffered extreme pain for long periods of time. I also use C.B.D. oil from hemp that treats with great results my depression, anxiety and pain (which all seem to be linked in some way). The praise report I have to share is with all the natural treatments I’ve used for about a year has given me a new lease on life at the age of 62. I was addicted to pain pills or I call them stupid pills because that’s how they made me feel. I haven’t had a pain pill for over 1 1/2 years. praise YeHoVaH!!!!!!! My next move is to a raw diet and have faith in the word that it will be a beneficial change.
    May Yehovah bless you and all your loved ones for your efforts to share the truth with all. AMEIN Shalom brother

  11. Glory to the Most High in the name of his son Jesus Christ Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  12. The bible the only living book in the whole world. Amazingly changed my life yes healing and every answer to everything. Amazing, amazing, amazing

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