Your health has never seen anything like this!

The first-ever Health Awakening Conference… your exclusive opportunity to get the health answers you've been looking for, your entire life!

Get your tickets now for the Health Awakening Conference, live in studio at A Rood Awakening headquarters, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Health Awakening conference features:
– Scott Laird, ND, resident naturopath of A Rood Awakening International
– Paul Nison, the Health Watchman
– Special Guests from the Hallelujah Diet: Paul Malkmus, Ann Malkmus, and Olin Idol, ND!

You’ll learn the simple secrets that modern medicine doesn’t tell you about cancer, heart disease, diabetes, IBS, and more:

– 15 Health Hacks That Will Change Your Life
– Digestion Tips
– What Cancer Blood Screening Really Tells You
– Why Supplements Matter and Which Are Best
– How To Reclaim Your Health
– How To Rid Your Body of Toxins for Ultimate Health

Plus – an exclusive opportunity to talk one-on-one with your host, Michael Rood.

Get your tickets now for the Health Awakening Conference! Call now or buy online at .


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