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Feminism Is A Religion

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35 thoughts on “Hear Woman!

  1. A woman’s desire for her husband is a beautiful thing. Women want to be protected and to be loved. As long as the husband is following the will of TMH the woman should fall into place.

  2. I didn’t feel sick to my stomach listening to you. I would rather know the truth even if it is upsetting. I was raised in a very worldly fashion and had much pain and suffering because of it as a young adult. I was raised in a politically correct fashion (everyone is a good as the next and equal). My parents were divorced at a young age and my dad was an overbearing and emotionally abusive man at that time. It can be hard for a woman to submit to someone who is cruel. I am now married with two children and following Torah. It has been so freeing and liberating learning the right way of doing things. I was warned that a biblical lifestyle would be an oppressive lifestyle, but it is anything but that (irony). My husband is a very loving and patient man and treats me as an intellectual equal. I think that is what woman struggle with most is not being respected intellectually. I don’t want to be the leader of the home. I spent most of my young adult life striving to be in charge of my own affairs and it was exhausting and overwhelming. It would be impossible to raise children properly without my husband in his proper role. I think women worry if they submit they will be treated like children with no rights or freedom. Or that we have a lesser value somehow and are of a lower quality. Many women know what it’s like to submit to Satan, he does it by absolute force, manipulation and abuse. The Heavenly Father is patient, loving and gentle and encouraging and gives us free will. It enhances your quality of life. That is what it should be like submitting to a righteous man.

    • I understand that some women get abused by husbands and stuff but that is why you choose your husband carefully and take dating serious because whoever takes your virginity that man is commanded by the scripture to marry that woman or its adultery…. For both sides… So choose wisely cause wants you tie the knot you must submit no matter what or live with the fact that you are essentially disobeying and disrespecting the master

    • +RealWorld RiotGrrrl

      Its not men bring responsible for their own action when women choose to be with thugs , gang member , and drug dealer when the read flag is right in front of these women faces when they reject the good men out there and settle  down for bums. These type of men in the street don’t hind their true self when you have women out there go for thugs and play the innocent role like she didn’t know smh which the same way for the men to who marry whores that know their whores.

  3. I completely agree with you pastor. Before I would’ve thought you lost your mind. But God has given me the discernment to accept your words

  4. Wow I agreed with everything you said Pastor. I think for a lot of us we started out with good intentions but messed up in our youth. Our bad Culture and over exposure to a lot of sexual things too young caused us to choose men who we were not equally yoked with. instead of honoring our parents, we went with that Jezebel influence and messed up. Now it’s too late to fix that’s why so many of us mothers have had to come to terms with solitude. Nowadays it’s rare to find a virtuous father or mother in the home. I totally got my mind blown!

  5. You have a hate spirit for woman. Because you want to live with some cake ,Icing, and cream. Soon shall Most High reveal himself unto you. And it want be good. You have NO good, righteous, intent for women outside of lust, sex and control mind, body and soul. And that is Dangerous, and wicked.

  6. No upset stomach here, Pastor. I run for cover. However, our household is dealing with a woman (my youngest sister) who sits at my husband’s feet, but doesn’t consider herself a part of our assembly. she has lied profusely on him, and has caused so much chaos here. We need help. Is there anyone in your ministry that my husband can get counsel from?

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