1. Shalom, this is the best teaching ever. Your nice and clear, slowly going through things. I completed lesson one and now I know the original alphabet of the most high. Thanks

    • Told you this brother teaches like a boss. Not feelin that hexagram mark of the beast in his forehead… Same hexagram worn by Pope Francis and Pope Benedict.

  2. Todah. Thank you very much for your telling. The Name of the Creator is Hayah. I write books about His Name and give them out. Today is Yom KPHR/Day of Cover/Day of Atonement. My (earthly) husband told me that every time he awoke, as he slept last night, he kept humming HaTikvah (the National Anthem of Israel). He did not know the words, so in his mind, he kept humming it, every time he was conscious. There is a hunger, within my home, for YSHRAL. Thank you again for this telling. I know the Creator by the Name, Hayah. Look up LORD, in Strong’s Concordance, and you see Yehovah-that is not what it says really, but what the translators put. It really says Yahuah. Now look at the “word etymology” section. You will see Hayah. Word etymology is like going back in time. Also when Mose asked the Creator Who do I tell the YSHRALites it is that sent me, the Creator told him, Hyaah asher Hayah. The translators say this means, I am that I am. How the translators toy with us. It really means Hayah (Breath of life, worship, Breath of everlasting life.) It is the Messiah only, Who can give the second Breath, the Breath of everlasting life, as when He breathed on the apostles and they were filled with the RYH haQodesh. Halaluyah means “highest praise to Yah.” Todah again.

  3. outstanding lesson brother. you need to write a paleo-hebrew workbook and grammar book for homeschooling. we also need a paleo-hebrew lexicon. i am going to get you a donation to support your wonderful hebrew academy ministry. Thawadah.

  4. Shalom! Praises to The Most High Yahawah wa Yahawashi. I really appreciate the time you take to explain Ancient Hebrew language. How shall we send in our homework for part #2? Todah Ach for all you do please keep the teaching coming!

  5. I’m not playing, I started lesson one earlier today.. GOT IT! Now I’m on lesson two and I’m doing great. I thought this would be harder but I’m catching on to every single thing pretty quickly. Thanks I greatly appreciate these lessons.

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