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38 thoughts on “Hebrew Grammar Lesson 3

  1. Hello Sir,
    I really am enjoying your teaching. Thank you. There are a few questions i have. First, in your yellow and black letters of the BA, KA, LA, MA, and HA, you typed up on the screen that KA was as, like, according to, and that LA was to, for, at. In your example you wrote “for our books are in the house.” Your wrote Kasaparyanawa bahabayathwa. I wrote down Lasaparyanawa bahabayath. Am I wrong in my reading or writing it down? Any clarification will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Shalawam

  2. Ha also means Her in possessive adjectives so how would one know the sentence does not actually say: upon HER mountains…
    You might get a back slap for vulgarity

    • Shaka Lanka shabbat Shalawam Malak! Dig just because he shows the respect to call the elder King doesnt mean hes saying hes his king ya dig? I respect that brother as a king as well for acknowledging the elder as a King people especially isrealites who have a problem acknowledging royalty are suspect!

  3. Hello teacher! I completed Lesson 3 and the homework. I did not submit it. I wrote all three sentences but for sentence number 2, I don’t know how to write table! Other than that, I didn’t encounter any problems. Great lesson, and your hard work and efforts are much appreciated!

  4. Thank you elder, I was confounded how the words were written and couldnt figure it out using the concordonance. Now that you are explaining the prefix and suffixes…I can understand and find the root word and now I am enjoying reading and breaking down the Paleo. This is like time travel and a very precious art. Thawada. Barak Atha!!!

    • isaiah hankins Its not a star its a shield which actually represents the 6 point Pomegranate worn on the priest garment. I have changed the look of it coz brothers are offended but there is nothing wrong with it..

    • Hodc,the uprising yasharahla yes it is a bit offensive. Are the candles not a holy sign but that “shield” is referred to in Amos 5:26

  5. taking my notes, waiting for printer to be fixed to download assignments. Will be ready though. Your such a blessing to teach this true and holy language.

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