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Pastor Dowell's wife Sister Carol & the Daughters of Zion from South Carolina which make up the annointed Straitway Singers, singing YAH IS GOOD! Enjoy

Please watch: "Wood Stoves and Fire places are being banned"



20 thoughts on “Hebrew Israelites YAH IS GOOD STRAITWAY SINGERS

  1. @PastorDowell I don’t disagree with you or disrespect the church. I wouldn’t come to anyone’s house or church and be disrespectful. Because I believe there needs to be order within the church. You can’t let just “anything go”. I am able to see what you are saying it is Holy laws you are obeying and not “traditions of man”. I have seen a lot of so called traditions go on and as I grew in Christ that just didn’t add up. I believe that “I” am accountable in the end to Christ and no one else

  2. @PastorDowell I do understand but the reason why I ask is that the only ones who look like they are seperating themselves and obeying holy laws are the women. Because the men are wearing fashionable clothing,sports attire with logos like rebok and surf t-shirts such as bon-jon.

  3. Pastor, this is truly beautiful!!! Sister Carol looks beautiful, I did miss Ashley though……truly blessed to be able to hear them!!!!! Bless you all in Jesus name.

  4. @PastorDowell i love the movement and lifestyle you are leading by example. however, the name Yahweh or YHWH is not what it seems. its the name of the god those false Jews worship, and placed into our records. Search thru the GOCC (Gathering of Christ Church) archives, or jus search ‘gocc origin of yahweh’ these brothers prove with factual evidence this is the name of a false god, also shows it from the Kabbalah. the book the false jews go by. Keep up the faith, and the great videos>

  5. Nice song—I believe Yahweh looks on the inside of a man—and have his sheep scattered all over the world and is gathering them in every ethnic and people—-only those filled with his Holy Ghost power and listen to his voice will be saved! You are doing a wonderful work for him Pastor Dowell and many are called but few are chosen! I was called when I was 16 and now turned 60 and still reaching out to those he place in my path-Blessing to you. Yeshua is coming soon! Amos 8:11

  6. giving up waring pants so trivial i KNOW he wants me to LISTEN and be HUMBLE i still wanna ware pants but i just dont … i was a very hardend woman more like a man and pastor dowells vidios have really helped me becoming a lady and long hair sucks too but if god likes it its ok better to please yah then karen LOL

  7. I absolutely love this!!!!! Such a beautiful song which the sisters sang perfectly. Bless you all! What awesome praise! I’m downloading this song and putting it in my personal rotation. YAH IS DEFINITELY GOOD! HALLELUYAH!!!!

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