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15 thoughts on “Hebrew Lesson 4

  1. Shalawam! The best teaching on paleo-hebrew. With your teachings I learned to compile and pronounce sentences and was encouraged to pick up a verse and to start reading aloud and get the meaning of the words written in paleo hebrew and modern hebrew fonts. Still I am not quite sure how to pronounce some words because I have transliteration into modern hebrew and there are no connectors given. For instance, how to pronunce ‘Father Eternal’ from YashaiYahaw 9:5. The mothern hebrew says ‘Abiad’, and I get the ‘Aba Yaid’. I noticed that some words in hebrew are given with and without ‘wa’. E.g. I found both Gadal and Gadawal, Adan and Adawan… It would be great if you could make a video with pronunciation of some Scripture verses (Barashyath 1:1, YashaiYahaw 9:5) as an additional tutorial for those of us who are willing to learn real hebrew language. BARAWAK YAHAWAH AHLAHAYANAWA wa BANWA YAHAWASHAI MASHYACH SHAMAR YASHARAHL wa YASHANAWA

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