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Hebrew – עִבְרִית – letters can be hard, even tricky at first, but if you can master the letter Aleph – א – Aleph – אָלֶף – you might be surprised at just how easy the rest of the Hebrew Aleph-bet will become. This is a must before you go on and try to tackle all of the other letters in the Hebrew Language. Enjoy.

The following Hebrew Language Tutorial for Beginners is completely dedicated to those who are looking for a jump-start into this complex and beautiful Hebrew Language. Visit my FaceBook Page and please feel free to subscribe, if you like.

WHOSOEVER Shall Call Upon the NAME of the LORD Shall be SAVED – The Secret Place

Almighty YHVH BLESS YOU – The Priestly Blessing – in Hebrew & English – KJV- Numbers 6:24-26



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  1. Shalawam Good Teacher,
    I went to the Hodc12info website to register for more lessons and I couldn’t input the necessary information. Is there another way that I can register for classes. Thank you for any assistance that you can give me in this.
    Drew Short

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