Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon detail a literary revelation never seen in the history of Bible research, including Hebrew manuscripts presumed inexistent — lost treasures in the depths of the Vatican.

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6 thoughts on “Hebrew Manuscripts in High Definition

  1. pairse YAHOVAH
    i am glade we know ur name.
    have mercy on all of us in this World each and everyone of us
    we are all human we cry we bleed and we all have a soul
    and gifts from u father may u bless us all in these time of hardships and show us the way Amen.

  2. I found some old Hebrew books from the 1600’s that have the Tetragrammaton with the vowel pointings. I also found it in the Aleppo Codex online. I can’t wait for the next few episodes of SNL. YeHoVaH yoshia!

  3. When photocopying a two sided document, place a Black background sheet behind the document.
    That will reduce the contrast of the text on the backside, making a cleaner front text to the copy.

  4. Judah Ben Samuel….. What does Nehemiah say about that? His prophesy has been taking place perfectly. So far, three of the four events have happened. Does this not matter to Jews? According to his prophesy. The last seven years, would begin this fall. He was from a strict, moral order of Jews. The kind of person, God gives greatness to.

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