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4 thoughts on “Hebrew Treasures: Breshiyt

  1. wow Hebrew is awesome thanks bill there’s just not enough hours in the day lol one thing i would like to grasp and thats when you break apart the word and make other words and go back to the root and all that is there a biblical principal or law that allows you to break apart the word like that or is a SOD type leval of understanding cause couldnt anyone just make up stuff or is a case of the word isnt constructed that way i hope you get where i coming from ( a place of ignorants lol ) greatstuf

  2. Was really looking forward to new videos from you, however I need to watch these theachings when I am not tired. A lot to wrap my brain around at 10 pm. Thank you so much for posting I will be watching this one a few times and probaly the future ones also. God willing. May God bless you and your Ministry.

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