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Today I interview John Roulac from Nutiva Hemp Products about the wonderful hemp plant that is used for food. If you are serious about eating a raw food diet hemp seeds and protein powder must be part of your diet. Check out today's video and find out why.


14 thoughts on “Hemp Seeds For Your Raw Food Diet

  1. dont u just need green vegetables?! simple as that. eat them in variety and plenty of them either in juice, salad or smoothies on a regular basis. look at rhinos, elephants, gorillas, giraffes, wilderbeasts and humans like Doug Graham, Matthew Armstrong and TheFrutarian who are beasts and super fit and dont even eat nuts or seeds hardly or at all 🙂

  2. @0wenfox i dont think u need to take fll proteins in a meal. as long as you get the mix over a space of time thru varied eating. fruits contain aminos….. and greens are loaded with them.

  3. @0wenfox eating WILD greens are super awesome powerful and LOADED with nutrients, life force, minerals and are medicinal and healing theyre so powerful. million times better than wimpy organic plants…… and u can eat and juice any grass folks. no need to buy wheatgrass… !

    🙂 yay

  4. @thedurianking ok. thank you sir. always appreciating and loving your service and passion. thanks 🙂

  5. Oils are NOT good for you. It’s been scientifically proven that just 1 TBS of any oil, will reduce blood flow by 30% for up to 6-8 hours! Not good for your heart or arteries. Consuming oil has the same effects of eating full fat butter. The only oil I get is from eating seeds.

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