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What is the Cancer answer? In this interview with Dr. Schandl we learn why people never truly recover from advanced cancer. Also more important, how to avoid advanced cancer and what to do if you have cancer.

This interview will change your life if you are serious about your health.

Dr. Schandl's website is:

“The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”
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8 thoughts on “Here is the answer to cancer!

    • You may not be familiar considering your comment. His success rate with all cancers with his clients is 94% Id say that is great, especially considering many of those clients were butchered by the ‘health care’ system .. and are given a short period to live

    • ‘he does not follow up on success rate stats?”
      do you work at the clinic? lol
      this stat is taken from the patients that are in direct contact through Robert and the clinic.
      Did you attend the classes either that speaks the who, whats and hows?
      ‘feeding the cancer sugar”?
      you are clueless as to what cancer is..
      our cells use simple sugars as carbon energy.
      what do you think vegetables are comprised of?
      do you realize the sugar content in grains? starchy vegetables, yet they are extremely difficult to digest in comparison to fruits. Fruits  CLEANSE THE BODY.
      I used to have colitis until i took the raw food approach..the far majority of it being fruit.
      answer me this..what is the cause of disease?

  1. Dr Schandl talks about “the vanity of some of these therapies”… this could be translated and enlarged thus: The fear and vanity of man, who pursues and clings to mechanisms of the flesh, seeking to overcome disease/death of the flesh. In doing so, man is inclined to deny the root (or as Dr Schandl says of cancer: “stem cells”) of disease: sin, which in itself is the real disease, and is itself really death. Oh how unbearable it is to confess the reality and depth of our sin! If man believes in the chosen man who is God and is our salvation, then accepting his cross and receiving grace in his name is absolutely relevant. We don’t have to bear our sin; the Lord has taken it upon himself already, and he brings us and our sin into the light of his love to wash us clean with his blood if only we desire it. Can you/I/anyone truly recover from advanced cancer? “With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). However it is not so much a matter of whether we live or die, rather that: whether we live or die, we do so with him and for him. And either way we must in him die to this world and to our sinful nature to be born and nourished of God’s imperishable Spirit.

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