Joshua Aaron shares his ukulele rendition of the classic chorus, "He's Coming Soon". Filmed on the Sea of Galilee near his home in northern Israel. Get it on iTunes at – LYRICS BELOW

He’s coming soon, He’s coming soon
With joy we welcome His returning
It may be morn, it may be night or noon
We know He’s coming soon

Hu yavo, hu yavo
(He will come, He will come)
Bekarov hu yavo
(Soon He will come)
Besimcha mechakim leshivato
(With joy we await His return)
Lo yodim et hasha’a, lo yodim et hayom
(We don’t know the hour, we don’t know the day)
Ach betuchim anu bazot hu yavo
(But we are sure of this – He will come!)

Words by Thoro Harris, music by Queen Liliuokalani – "Alah Oeh". Hebrew translation by James Hilsden and Joshua Aaron


25 thoughts on “He’s Coming Soon (Hebrew & English) Sea of Galilee, Israel Music Video

  1. Way cool song! It sounds kind of Hawaiian. You are an amazing person and your music is so clean and fresh. Oh I see right below my comment someone says it’s from a Hawaiian song! It’s a great adaptation. Keep on blessing us with your lovely music and shalom to you and your family!

  2. Amen.. Jesus is coming soon… 5 years ago in my dreams, I look to the sky a great light, and seen a lot of people. and I woke up and there was a voice saying: Jesus is coming soon….

  3. i cant wait see this beautiful sea of Galilee on my trip on 27th May to 03th June 2017 to Jerusalem Bless you from Malaysia..Amen

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