High Heels are immodest and wicked.

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26 thoughts on “High Heels Are Unrighteous

  1. Excellent message, I have seem woman covered from head to toe and wearing super high glossy heels!! Crazy, LOL! You cannot mix it, your right. With modesty comes respect and honor, bless u and Shalom!

  2. Amen!  I used to wear high heels–  I remember when I was 15 on vacation with my parents at Louisianna… here I was in a white sundress and 5″ wooden stacked high heels traipsing through the streets of Louisianna with my parents.   My modest mother just rolling her eyes at my choice of outfit..       I saw an elderly man sitting on the sidewalk so I waved to him, and he shook his head “no” –thinking I was a prostituted….lol!       we women need to realize that a high heel does seduce and says “sex”–   they call attention to the woman’s body and are a form of seduction–wether a woman wants to admit it or not.      I spoke with a man once who was trying to fight his addiction to porn– and was delivered from it after he kept crying out to Jesus for help.   He still experiences temptations but the Lord gives Him grace to fight them.    Most of these temptations are from satan using women wearing short skirts and high heels hanging around in areas he would never expect-
    What we even wear can be used by satan if we’re not in alignment with the Lord’s Spirit! 

    Now when I wear even a modest high heel, I feel the Holy Spirit convict me.   Don’t get me wrong- it’s not like I wear ugly shoes now–  but they are feminine yet also modest.      At my job I wear sneakers,   other comfortable pretty flats with enough cushion in them to fight fatigue.    

  3. I was convicted about wearing heels about 1 year ago. Not to mention it was affecting my health like you said. Amazing…confirmation. Thanks for the boldness in this message…by the way the heart is a paganistic sexual symbol…and it also sends a wrong message when you use it. I get convicted when I use it on my messages. Maybe you should try a show on subliminal messages….Shalom!

  4. Love It!! Yah put in my heart 2 yrs ago to stop wearing high heels… All of sudden after years of wearing them I couldn’t walk with them, very weird but all of a sudden I couldn’t wear them.. I would tip over very often, it was in the process when He revealed His Torah…

  5. women wearing high heels used to be a stumbling block for me, but YHWH has delivered me from that.  Having a beard thankfully makes women interested in appearance turn away from me I think.

  6. Amen brother!!!! I really struggled with going to church after my wife left ( and “also” when I was married) and it was so bad I couldn’t even go on the really bad days as I knew I would just come home and rip my hair out with sexual frustration not to mention burning with lust while I was in church. It’s just unnecessary and “wrong” to dress all hopped up like your looking for action or something in God’s house. And I’m also talking about clothing being so tight you can see every inch and every curve of one’s body and also all of the cleavage I had to try not to notice on an EVERY Sunday church service basis. And this was 5 out of 5 of the churches I attended in the past 15 years which I no longer do.

    And don’t take me wrong, I’m a jeans and T-shirt guy and a VERY casual dresser but when in Gods house I do my best to balance things somewhere between comfort and modesty so I don’t distract women or add to any of their personal struggles, and so I’m not so uncomfortable I can’t wait to get out of church lol

    Just a little common sense and a little common courtesy goes a loooong way.

    • It is truly a shame beyond measure that church discipline is not performed anymore… Part of the reason is that there is no discernment in the pulpits anymore, since the Holy Spirit is SO grieved by most gatherings due to many of the things you bravely mentioned, There seems to be a famine of the truth of the real WALK of faith with our Creator. It’s all warm fuzzies and prosperity anymore, instead of looking anything at all like sacrificial first century faith. Today’s “gospel” seems to sell Jesus as a product and calls Him our “bro” or our “home boy” or our “pal” or “the big guy in the sky” or “the man upstairs”… So sad to see His brilliant and unsearchable glory brought to such a shameful low in our fallen society 🙁 Good words T Smith. Keep educating others about this reality and keep doing your part to be modest! 

    • It’s so important to be mindful how we dress in the house of the Lord however, what are you going to do when you are out on the street? People out there I tell you! We live in a modern day Soddom. Point I’m trying to make is, we need to pray that God removes any strongholds so we can stand when tested by the world’s iniquity.

    • +moniloves
      Sorry..I don’t see any “however” on this one but that’s me 🙂 Are we talking about the streets here or the house of God? It’s not too difficult to know what to expect when we walk out the door and walk down the street. The point we’re making here is that there should be a big difference unless you’re new to the church and don’t know any better. Not sure what strongholds you are referring to either. I think you’re confusing strongholds with being a normal red blooded man….

    • Wow, sounds like you should go to a different place to worship. That is ridiculous. I don’t see ladies like that where I attend. But then again, most of them are seniors. ; )

  7. I’m glad someone is out there to speak out against high heels for all the reasons you mention.  and aside from the immoral issue of wearing them, why would women wear such  uncomfortable dangerous high heels.  Men don’t do it so if women want equality why would they wear such horrid shoes lol.  It’s bad for the feet, ladies!!  I wonder how many women have sprained their ankle wearing them.

  8. you are absolutely right about this issue.  It is the demons in the designers that actually design these worldly sin provoking things.  In fact, now there is a new style where the toe area is also elevated to look more like the shape of a goat foot.  Totally satanic.

  9. HalleluYah!! Shalom Paul, I totally agree with you, don’t ever stop bringing the truth about these things, these things are totally wicked!

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