Saturday evening at Hippocrates Health Institute serves a great raw vegan meal. Not the same as other meals during the week but still one of my favorite. Here is a kitten tour of the famous raw food health spa.


11 thoughts on “Hippocrates Health Institute Kitchen Tour

  1. Paul your children are just beautiful!!!! I’ve enjoyed watching them grow.
    Can you please give me the exact name of the water cooler/maker at HHI that takes the humidity from the air and then purifies it for drinking water?? I too live in Florida and have loads of humid air just waiting to be turned into drinking water!!! Teeheehee.
    Thank you for your help.
    Peace & Raw Health,
    Elizabeth Marie

  2. I am surprised that the Hippocrates Health Institute is big on onions and garlic.  The Raw Food Explained website clearly explain why these foods were never meant for human consumption.

  3. Really enjoyed this video, thank you! Garlic is a natures healing food, so especially for people who are sick, it is great to eat more garlic, but people who are generally healthy, don’t need to eat much garlic. Spiritual practitioners don’t eat much garlic.

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