24 thoughts on “His Love (Live) Yahuah Music

  1. Shalom and highest praises for sharing such an awesome worship song! Someone else said how they began to sing and worship right along, same here. Great morning adoration for our Elohim.

    • Yahuah is the name of the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob the Israelite people spoken of in the Holy Scriptures. Look up the tetragrammaton which popular historians and archeologist will tell you it is YHWH. The only problem i that there was no letter W in ancient Hebrew. It is a double U to give you the oo sound like Yahoo. YHUH Ya-H-U-aH. Some call Him Yahweh or Yahawah or Yahovah.

      • Hello brother, there may have not been a W letter, but there IS without a doubt a W sound in Ancient Hebrew. The WAW is this letter, as you can see, the very name and sound of THIS letter is pronounce with a W. Hence, the reason a W was used in the Tetragrammaton. This race was advanced compared to the gentiles, I see a lot of people making the Brews out to be neanderthals or something, there are languages in Africa today that make English seem like baby language. If you study Hebrew, you will notice a pretty distinct patter of LAW in Hebrew. Although I have no issue with ANYONE saying Yahuah, YaHuWaH is much more legitimate when studying Hebrew IMO. Either way, WE KNOW HIM NOW!

  2. This is the best song of yours. I listen to it a lot. beautiful. I wish I have a voice like you and play a guitar I would play for Yahuah like you. bless you. I play your songs when I make videos but not everyone but since I found more I did

  3. Thank you for sharing Brother D! Praise YAHUAH our Aloha. Much love to you and your family. Keep glorifying Abba Father’s name to all the nations. He will awaken those asleep through your ministry of the Word and your music, your gift, your talent will expand and make room for you.

  4. HALLELUYAH HALLELUYAH praise YAHUAH You are Powerful my beloved father YAHUAH 🙏🙏🙏😀😀 thank you dear brother Darionel Shalom Shalom

  5. Shalom brother this song is so beautiful it blessed my soul and others as well todah Yah you are amazing! This is my meditation music. Praise Yah and baruch your family many blessings!

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