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This weeks Torah Parashah is from Exodus 27:20-30:10. When the Priest where in the Temple they were commanded to wear holy garments. Today the standards of our dress and clothing has dropped to the standards of this word. We are to be set apart for Yahweh in all ways and our clothing isn't supposed to be any different.


12 thoughts on “Holy Dress For Holy People (Weekly Torah Parashah)

  1. Thanks Paul, so many today seek glory for themselves through immodest dress and the attention that it brings. The adversary has cultivated in mankind a love for oneself over the Love for YHWH, this has caused the carnal to be adored and lusted after. YHWH instilled in man a passion for his counterpart yet also gave us instruction on how and when to act on these desires. I give thanks for YHWH’s Torah and for those that spread HIS Message. Shalom

  2. Hi Paul, You mention here that Yosef was sold for oil. Can you tell where it says that. I thought he was sold for twenty sheckels of silver. I know he was actually sold twice but I don’t think it says what the price was to Potifar although it most likely was more than twenty sheckels. Thanks

  3. This is a very important topic. When women in the church are ignorant or just don’t care whether they make their brother stumble, they bring shame on themselves. And it doesn’t matter how old a man is, it is always a struggle.

  4. I don’t know in NY but in NJ but you can find a good one on line if you like. It has been a while, have you found anyone in the NY area?

  5. I was willing to do anything Creator Spoke we must do and one day I decited to cover head with a scarf and as soon as I thought that I will cover head for Holy reasons Creator Asked me where Did He ever Say In His Law that it is a holy thing to do? He Was Righteous In His Holiness and As A Warning to me He Corrected me Reminded me Saying, do not add To My Word nor take away, what I Did Not Make holy do not make that holy. It was real Warning From my Creator about head coverings. so do petition your Creator of what I spoke is True for you will be guilty for turning to the left or to the right. This is my testimony and so our Creator Wills we cover our body but not head as if better and holy. I was putting on my son men’s dress for our Messiah Will Not Be Wearing pants when He Comes back as I understood His Appearance. about your men garments you must preach more and forget head coverings. because we must be not like the world so I call all holy men to wear men’s dresses as Yeshua Wore ans as when He Comes back He Will Have dress on and not pants. shalom

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