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Hosea 10
The Lord’s Judgment against Israel
1 How prosperous Israel is—
a luxuriant vine loaded with fruit.
But the richer the people get,
the more pagan altars they build.
The more bountiful their harvests,
the more beautiful their sacred pillars.
2 The hearts of the people are fickle;
they are guilty and must be punished.
The Lord will break down their altars
and smash their sacred pillars.
3 Then they will say, “We have no king
because we didn’t fear the Lord.
But even if we had a king,
what could he do for us anyway?”
4 They spout empty words
and make covenants they don’t intend to keep.
So injustice springs up among them
like poisonous weeds in a farmer’s field.

5 The people of Samaria tremble in fear
for their calf idol at Beth-aven,[a]
and they mourn for it.
Though its priests rejoice over it,
its glory will be stripped away.[b]
6 This idol will be carted away to Assyria,
a gift to the great king there.
Ephraim will be ridiculed and Israel will be shamed,
because its people have trusted in this idol.
7 Samaria and its king will be cut off;
they will float away like driftwood on an ocean wave.
8 And the pagan shrines of Aven,[c] the place of Israel’s sin, will crumble.
Thorns and thistles will grow up around their altars.
They will beg the mountains, “Bury us!”
and plead with the hills, “Fall on us!”

9 The Lord says, “O Israel, ever since Gibeah,
there has been only sin and more sin!
You have made no progress whatsoever.
Was it not right that the wicked men of Gibeah were attacked?
10 Now whenever it fits my plan,
I will attack you, too.
I will call out the armies of the nations
to punish you for your multiplied sins.

11 “Israel[d] is like a trained heifer treading out the grain—
an easy job she loves.
But I will put a heavy yoke on her tender neck.
I will force Judah to pull the plow
and Israel[e] to break up the hard ground.
12 I said, ‘Plant the good seeds of righteousness,
and you will harvest a crop of love.
Plow up the hard ground of your hearts,
for now is the time to seek the Lord,
that he may come
and shower righteousness upon you.’

13 “But you have cultivated wickedness
and harvested a thriving crop of sins.
You have eaten the fruit of lies—
trusting in your military might,
believing that great armies
could make your nation safe.


12 thoughts on “Hosea 10 Daily Bible Reading with Paul Nison

  1. Shalom shalom,
    What a beautiful blessing to have the scriptures read to us from our brother Paul.

    May you all be blessed in the Words of our Elohim.
    May Yeshua’s. love be with you and guide you all.

    Have a blessed week ahead.

    Your brother

    • John Gischala shalom,
      You clearly didn’t read your Tanakh?

      Please visit the verses I put down for you in your own Tanakh!

      Read it for yourself..

      I’ll pray that your eyes be open to the Truth in Yeshua HaMashiach.

      Time is at hand..

      Read the scriptures. Prove all the writings!

      That’s what we’ve done!

      And our LORD our Elohim Has opened up our eyes and circumcised our hearts.

      This is why you cannot see? For you follow the Traditions of man rather then following The creator of all things, Yeshua HaMashiach!

      Yeshua means in Hebrew Salvation??

      God is my Salvation, is just like saying;
      Yeshua is my God!

      Time to wake up.

      Your brother

    • +John Gischala I’m guessing you can’t read. Natsarim is the lifestyle the Jews and saved Gentiles lived after the apostles instructions. Messianic means to follow the Messiah. It’s interesting how hostile one gets after hearing some truth. Can’t say I’ve been brainwashed since all I do is read and pray. I think you need to check some pride or a lie of your own in your heart. Judaism has history and Messiah didn’t want that for us, He demands His way. Only one way. I’m sorry about your morning

    • +John Gischala I should add, to your remark to me: says the guy who doesn’t capitalize lacking reverence. Read Proverbs 1:7, and learn to love.

    • I can imagine the Lord quoting Acts 10:15 reflecting such hate. Any ism is religion, and Judaism is the religion of Judah. The Lord came to abolish that, and to teach Torah in our hearts. The Natsarim were the believers who didn’t follow Egypt, I mean Rome, who didn’t chase the wind but the Messiah. Judaism being a religion is an outward lifestyle and like Messiah said, “they have their reward.” Claiming that man’s heart garbage, and saying I’m brainwashed, leads me to believe you will be left behind for tribulation and if you have little faith, and no love, your works will be burned up into loss if you 1 Corinthians. Let us forgive Ya’akov for he knows not what he’s doing nor saying for their is pride and hatred in his heart. I forgive you for pointing a lying finger at me, because three point back on your hand. The Lord loves His people, the Jews, but He also loves the foreign Caucasians, negroes and mongloids who turn to Him with confession and loving trust. Sharpen your sword or don’t use it lest you suffer loss in His Kingdom.

  2. Shalom Paul! At verses 13 and @ 11:29 on the reading, here are the 4 questions the commentary gave when we should ask what to believe:
    1. Am I believing this because there is a personal gain in my life?
    2. Am I discovering important facts?
    3. Does this conflict with the direct commands of Scripture?
    4. Are there any biblical parables to the situation I am facing to help me know what to believe?

    Thought these were great questions since the adversary is always putting out lies. You are beloved, mishpacha! Be blessed. PPPRRS!

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