This video will tell you how and why having a beard may protect you from getting the Ebola Virus.


30 thoughts on “How A Beard Can Protect You From The Ebola Virus

  1. I don’t get why you want people to have beards. To me beards are ugly if they get too long like yours, why not cut it a little to about an inch or two max?

    • This video wasn’t asking you your view about beards. It was about he health benefits about having a beard. You ask why not cut it? My answer is because it is my face and I love it just the way it is. 

    • +The Raw Life Health Show The Rabbis say that the beard growth on the cheeks and neck is a line which G-d drew on our faces – I enjoy looking at the line and thinking that G-d did this. Makes me feel special with our Creator.

  2. more men are born than women.  becuase females have a stronger immune system, less of girls die at birth or within the first year than the male babies.  Which makes women population a bit higher than men.  

  3. I love my beard! I can’t remember the last time I shaved! I believe that hair is part of the nervous system. It is there for a reason.

    • +Rui G in nature ss we were designed for we would naturally wear away our nails from various types of activities. Just as ever other animal such as a horse for example. Put it in a stable away from it natural environment and look what happens? Hoofs grown to long pretty much crippling the animal.

    • We are horses ! We don’t use our hands to walk. If u mean climbing trees , we wouldn’t use our nails for that either . So basically our nails wud just keep on growing.

    • Well I would tend to disagree with you there as my job is to climb trees all day. I never cut my fingernails and they stay short. It doesnt take much abrasion to keep them short.

    • It would help women in general with their health if they didn’t shave their body but most just get rid of that health benefit. 

    • God is not limited to a beard….for a man He can use a beard….there are many promises in the Word that promise safety. For example, one that is exclusive promise of deliverance or safety towards women is found in 1 Timothy 2:15 (CJB) 15 “Nevertheless, the woman will be delivered (KJV Saved)  through childbearing, provided that she continues trusting, loving and living a holy life with modesty.”  Could a woman’s immune system be “better” than a mans? IDK. God is always just.

  4. I’ve grown accustomed to having facial hair. I feel naked without it. However letting my beard grow this summer it started getting in my nose and was a constant tickling itch. So I went back to trimming. Maybe it is a length issue and the itching might stop if I grew longer?

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