Gilbert Vincent was a Christian for over 20 yrs and then he discovered there is more to the Bible than what he thought.


34 thoughts on “How a Christian Man Found The Torah

  1. Gal 2:19-21 For I through the law am dead to the law, that I might live unto God.
    20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. 21 I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.

    • Saved sinner. You are making being obedient out to be an act of Salvation that we can perform to force God to accept us. Salvation is only possible through Faith  in the forgiveness of sins which God offers for no reason except that He desires to. This righteousness was available to Abraham through FAITH & king David & all Israel & represented by the Day of Atonement as Christ was the Lamb of God slain BEFORE the creation of the World. The OT says there is no sacrifice for deliberate sin for Israel or anyone & that is GRACE of the above Lamb & yet the nations sins were forgiven through repentance and offering because of this unmerited Grace of God. Keeping the commandments by Faith can only come AFTER salvation & is how we show love of God & neighbour. Most Christians have no problem keeping the commandments they choose but forget the Law of God is perfect Holy, just and true.  Believers are judged for Our rewards and fitness to rule in the world to come. Those who choose to continue in sin especially idolatry of false worship didn’t get into the promised land & Christ says get away from me I never knew you to those who use His name but don’t follow Him which is walking as He walked …Torah obedience. Please think more carefully about what you are certain of – it is the trap of the Lawless & leads to death & Satan always want people to think they don’t need to follow God’s instructions to men. Perhaps read the last lines of Ecclesiastes. Our God is extremely patient and merciful & in no wise will turn away a repentant heart. Be blessed. FJ

  2. Good testimony. Yeshua was not merely quoting Moses–he was speaking the Word of Yahweh. Praying in tongues is highly beneficial–and available to every true believer of Yeshua. All would be wise to seek that blessing–diligently. Like your style, Gilbert. Shalom.

  3. YESHUA left two commands that sums up the Whole Torah; Love the LORD with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and LOVE your neighbor as yourself. Question; Why do you keep going back to the LAW as if you keep them??? YESHUA says if your eye offend ye pluck it out and if your hand offend you cut it off!!! This is the extremity and perfection of the LAW. Which one of you keeps the LAW? YESHUA tells the Centurion in all Israel HE has not seen greater faith as this centurion, YESHUA was about being pleased by faith not obedience to the TORAH. YESHUA was never pleased with anyone trying to keep the LAW. YESHUA tells the rich young ruler to obey the TORAH and finds himself guilty of breaking the 10th thou shalt not covet, finding himself to be a sinner. YESHUA tells him to give up his riches and follow HIM, but walks away sad. The TORAH was only to expose the true nature of our sinful nature. I am a christian as one who does not believe we can do whatever we want, the HOLY SPIRIT does not allow this, without bringing  conviction to the heart. Why are you always coming against true believers instead of unbelievers? I believe in being led by the HOLY SPIRIT. YESHUA left us the COMFORTOR who guides me. The TORAH is not done away with that is for sure, but it no longer is for the believer because he has found the SAVIOR, therefore the LAW has done its purpose.

    • You touched a fine point my friend. If we apply ourselves to study the book of Hebrews we will find out that today we are under THE NEW COVENANT, that was sealed by the blood of Jesus Christ. This NEW COVENANT is BETTER than the old AS THE BOOK OF HEBREWS CLEARLY TEACHES. YES WE DO OBEY THE COMMANDMENTS BUT WHICH ONES. Those given by Moses or those given by Jesus. In the first 6 chapters of Matthews gospel I have found no less than eighteen commandments of my Lord and am more than willing to obey them and to teach others to obey. As far the Mosaic law is concerned unless you KEEP it ALL you better not even try. Those preaching that born again Christian is to keep Mosaic Law are followers of Judaisers that started plaguing the young church in Acts 15 and you better have nothing to do with them. This movement was designed by man to bring Jews into the church but it converted ore “Christians” to Judaism than Jews to Christianity. Mr Stephen Seizer has nailed this doctrine and its teachings to the ground proving it very an scriptural. And I believe that Church is “Israel of God”

    • Mankind inserted the misleading terminology of “Old Testament” & “New Testament”. If we were to apply such foolish descriptions to the Word today, we would have to refer to what evil King James ordered his scribes to call “New Testament” the Old Testament and the “Old Testament” the Old, Old Testament. Seeing deceived people nitpicking at certain words to prove a point that goes against Scripture is so sad! Sin is transgression of YHWH’s Torah! 1 John 3:4. So WHY would He send His Son to “DO AWAY WITH/ABOLISH” HIS OWN LOVING INSTRUCTIONS FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS FOR HIS OWN CHILDREN by allowing the murder of His Son Who died so that we can have forgiveness for our sins?
      Does anyone know that Yahshua Himself tells us the opposite of what many of you claim the bible says. Yahshua said He did NOT come to ABOLISH the Torah! Yet brainwashed Christians (yes, I used to be one myself) will argue against our Messiah’s very own Words! The spiritually blind are told by the Jesuit-trained pastors and preachers that a so-called “church” has replaced the only people that the entire Scriptures are written to, those people being the House of Israel!!! (you think Israel is synonymous with “jews” when it is not & fail to realize that there are 12 tribes. The tribe of Judah is only one and that tribe was the worst offender being so entrenched in idolatry that YHWH divorced Judah.) What does the “church” say in order to try to mistranslate Yahshua’s declarative statement that He came ONLY FOR THE LOST SHEEP OF the House of ISRAEL!!!? And where does our Messiah tell us that we need not walk THE WAY HE WALKED? Where does He tell us we can transgress Torah, which is the literal Scriptural definition of what SIN actually is after He dies for us for the atonement of our sins if, without Torah, there would be no sin?! Why do christians read the last third of the Book and expect to understand it? They claim the the first five books of the whole must be “DONE AWAY WITH” because Yahshua did not repeat for them the entire Torah writings, repeating that which is already written and which, in fact, along with the Prophets, the only parts of the Bible that had been written when our Messiah was teaching from them! Yahshua taught Torah, walked in Torah perfectly and was literally the Word/ Torah made flesh! He gave a summation of the Torah and specifically the 10 Commandments and said the two summation examples are that from which upon all of the Torah/Commandments hang. If the Torah is said to be hanging from the summation thereof, how does one come to the ridiculous conclusion that they were abolished? By Yahshua we come to our Father. He never changes. Malachi 3:6. Torah is FOREVER. Yahshua said not one jot or tittle shall pass from Torah until the heavens & earth pass away. Hello? Torah means Instruction in Hebrew. Why would either our Father or His Son take our Father’s Instructions away from us and leave us guessing about what He and Yahshua consider to be lawlessness/ iniquity which is what our Messiah will TELL US TO DEPART FROM HIM; HE DOES NOT KNOW THOSE WHO ARE WORKERS OF LAWLESSNESS/INIQUITY!!! Surely Torah is still very important today as that day that is coming when we will stand before YHWH and we will need our Messiah has not arrived yet. If they took away our Instructions, we’d be lost and Yahshua telling the lawless ones to depart from Him does not imply grace is being given as justification to be disobedient to His Commands which are the very same as our Father’s Commands as Yahshua came in our Father’s Name and I speak only the Words of My Father which He gave Me, not My own. He repeated tells us that IF YOU LOVE ME, you WILL KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS. If we don’t obey we are lawless and His blood is not for us as the “lawless one” is the anti-messiah and disobedience of YHWH’s Torah is the following after the beast.

    • Saved Sinner once Lost
      Matt.22:37-40 Mark12:29-31,First and greatest and second like it,,,,,,on these two hang all the law and prophets,,, and the Jews agree with Him,,,
      Ex20: and Deut.5: ten commandments. Jesus quotes from Deut 6:4 and last part of Lev19:18 is the Ten Commandments,,, Scribe is a person that makes copies of the Torah,, they would off stone Jesus for subtract or adding to the word of God,,,

    • +michal mazur Moses was given a law to follow the promise of visible success to the people of Israel among other nations. Nothing else.
      It was a secular law for one Nation living on this earth.
      God’s covenant with Israel will be preserved even if they have broken. The law has kept them one of the Nation, as has been its intention.
      When Israel has come to a new situation because of its transgressors, God has given more information through the prophets that has changed everything that preceded it.
      One such change was also when Jesus came here.
      Continuing with previous changes.
      Every change has been an improvement to the former.

    • +Lopez Devasudan Keeping Torah saved you to be a member of Israel. It had nothing to do with eternal life.
      Rabbi can only defend what the Law of Moses promised!
      Nothing more! Deut. Rule number 412 of 613 >>25:4 Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out the corn.

      God’s Law is for the visible humankind, which condemns the kings and leaders of this world.

  4. Shalom Brothers and Sisters in Yehoshua,
    I am 18 years old and I would like to say that at about 16 years of age, I found out what Gilbert did! That the Torah is supposed to be upheld by ALL CHRISTIANS! I have never been to Israel, I have only been outside of the States twice! First in British Colombia and second to the Bahamas. You can learn what Yehoshua was teaching just by reading The Word of the Lord YHVH! Don’t let Theologians tell you what it means or else you won’t learn what Yehoshua was really teaching!

    Shalom Aleichem Ben Yisrael, your Ach Joshua Antilla 

    • that man y call mashia is dead, and spend his time in hell for being held responsible of murderring his own people for the last 2000 years by his followers.

  5. Yes I too am an ex Pentecostal/christian now too.  I am a torah follower now praise Yah  It is hard to find other followers so I go to a chat room called Paltalk on Sabbath to fellowship with other believers

  6. Thank you so much for this. I was debating another Christian over keeping the Torah, and he said I was wrong and that keeping the Torah was of fleshly things. I was shocked! Yeshua is the fulfillment of the Torah. As a matter of fact he is the Torah in the flesh! I was sad because Passover should be observed, remembering the salvation of Yeshua’s death on the cross so Death could “Passover” us.

    • Cinderella Man
      Yes brother. It’s difficult to talk to christian about torah. Everyone claim to be saved. We do agree believer SAVED by grace. But after that is what? Even all Israelites SAVED from slavery from Egypt by GRACE. But all.of them who save not made it to promised land. Only 2 those who obedient to God made it. Likewise, redemption is free but Eternal life is something we earn. We have to journey through wilderness in order to enter Eternal life.
      Torah given to Isralites AFTER they being saved. Torah is NOT to for salvation but to lead is in righteousness path. (Psalm 119) For transgressions of the Law is sin. (1 John 3:4).
      I observe Torah not for my salvation but because of my Salvation. For Yahusha said if you live me obey my commandments.

  7. So how can we be Torah observant without a temple/sacrificial system? Becoming clean after first becoming unclean is only remedied by the temple (or tabernacle) system. What about the commandments for kings, priests, Levites, women’s menstruation, a quarantine area for lepers, etc.? These are all commandments and all have come to a close around the time of the disciples of Jesus.

    • Joseph Eidsvik This school of thought was designed by man to reach Jews. But it backfired and converted great deal of them to Judaism. Anyone who can read can look at the Bible book of Hebrews. It communicated a NEW COVENANT OR TESTAMENT making the old one obsolete. Why do you think The Lord allowrd destruction of the Temple. Look at Acts 15 it was always on Judaisers agenda. All Pauls epistles address this issue in one form or another. Jesus Christ brought GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM to us. Pentecostals put experience above every thing else. Remember this guy went to Israel as a very new believer he came back converted to Judaism.

    • It seems really quite unnecessary to be quite honest. Why draw focus on outward externals of Judaism at all? They do not improve piety or attentiveness to God.

  8. you have fallen from grace…hope you find the truth, Jesus Christ and salvation by grace thru faith…you are preaching another gospel…you are under the curse of God! Gal. one

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