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    Someone once told me that, Yes.. While it DOES cost more to eat a healthy diet..in the long-run you end up spending LESS because you end up not needing to go to the doctors as much. Although I agree with your statement. It does not cost as much as people might think, as long as they avoid scams.

  2. Really agreed, in fact I’ve found MANY ways to eat cheaper healthy, Gardening for one, growing my own herbs and medocine, in my area theres even a couple that have chickans and a goat, I live much cheappper then most people on a unhealthyt diet who are addicted to the chemicals in there food constantly looking for there next fix or suger source. I think people wouldnt even need supermarkets if they where more creative about it. Its Soooooo easy too!!

  3. @rui27marne Yes, not from reguler use, just once a week or so though. I dont have great genetics for dairy (Native amarican background and such) but once a week or so goat yogurt seems fine:)

  4. Hi Paul. I go to the gym regularly and mainly lift weights. I’m starting to ‘faze in’ a vegetarian diet and eliminate meat products. I take regular protein and creatine shakes and am concerned about how these unatural products can affect me. I want to stop taking them but if I eliminate steak and chicken, where do I get a high amount of protein from? I am partly expecting you to say I shouldn’t be trying to body build anyway, which is fine, I watch you daily and appreciate your advice. God bles

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