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A viewer asked how to we keep Shabbat? In this video I answer the question about what we do on Shabbat and also other opinions about the Sabbath. We continue to grow and learn about Yahweh's feast days but this video explains where we are at right now. Shalom!


29 thoughts on “How Do You Keep Shabbat?

  1. 17 “Do not think that I have come to do away with the Law of Moses and the teachings of the prophets. I have not come to do away with them, but to make their teachings come true. 18 Remember that as long as heaven and earth last, not the least point nor the smallest detail of the Law will be done away with—not until the end of all things.[a]Matthew 5:17-18

  2. What is sin? 4 Whoever sins is guilty of breaking God’s law, because sin is a breaking of the law.1 John 3:4
    In 1000 year reign new moon feasts and Sabbath:

    23 All mankind will come to worship Me
    from one New Moon to another
    and from one Sabbath to another,”
    says the Lord.Isaiah 66:23

    I’ve studied all the arguments and all of the verses of paul people use.just check out greek lexicon,compare translation,study culture,context,see if history lines up.Sent me one if you want. blessings,shalom.

  3. Do you think that it woud be possible to maybe make a video which conscerns the Talmud Regulations Regarding Transfer on The Shabbat ? I am really needing more instruction on that part of the Talmud and the part concerning Open Ground , Private Ground and Public Ground is what really baffles me . Then the part concerning Throwing .

  4. Remember what Jesus told the religious people of his time ,what is permitted to do in Sabbath,  to do good or to do bad . the Sabbath is made for the man , not the man for the Sabbath . You can save life on this day.

  5. Do a Parshah reading (read a section of the Torah) with a Midrash (discussion and study of that parshah reading) afterwards with your family and friends. Eat good food, appreciate Yah’s creation and realize Shabbat is a practice run of the 1000 year rule of Messiah and the eternal camp out with the Father. When Shabbat ends I always feel a little disappointed. If I don’t feel disappointed it’s a sign that I wasn’t guarding the Shabbat properly.

    Peace in Messiah Paul.

    • +Greyswyndir I’ve always tried to live according to the Commandments, except for the Sabbath. I don’t judge, and I’m kind, respectful, and courteous by nature. I’d like to live a life that God would approve of, so I’m just reading, watching, and staying in prayer.

    • +Lore Austin
      Well that’s good Austin. Why not the Sabbath? To be honest that is one of the more clearer commands in the Scriptures. What I’ve founds is that keeping what most refer to as the old Jewish law, is very difficult for non-Jews, not to mention we tend to migrate to Jews on how to properly keep it, which in my opinion, is not a good idea for the most part.

      Then we have those verses in acts in which the Jerusalem council lays out for specific commands that gentiles are supposed to follow, besides the ten commandments. There’s a lot of controversy over those verses. Many in the Hebrew Roots community will argue that it was just a beginning point and that we were supposed to take on all of the mitzvot but I now find myself at odds with this interpretation.

      If that were true you’d think they would have written more on the issue but we hear nothing more on the subject after the book of Acts. We also forget that Yahushua was preaching and teaching a mainly Jewish audience. Many will say there is only one path, for both Jew and gentile. Now, I’m not so sure. The Scriptures speak of different “levels” of followers.

      I just got to the point that I cannot conceive that the Creator of heaven and earth would destroy anyone for eating a ham sandwich.

    • +Greyswyndir My family goes to church on Sunday, and I grew up believing it was ok to do so. After reading scripture for myself I see that keeping the sabbath is important. In 2nd Thessalonians Paul reminded his audience to continue the customs they were taught. I’m not sure that I understand the Hebrew Roots movement. There are so many doctrines and rules these days I only feel comfortable with the commandments.

  6. Okey. I am not jewish but i wanted to learn about jewish people. As i found it very different from other religions.
    One thing i couldnt get is why are jewish people soo strict and extreme about saturdays. But then i did researches and watched videos. Some of them pushed me away and some of them pulled me in.
    I do agree that there should 1 day in a week when you do rest and give your family some time. You help people if you need to but do rest atleast once a week for freshened your mind. This is a very good logic.
    This video has helped me a lot to understand shabaat. Im a sikh but i really like to learn other religions. I always had issues with jewish thinking but as more im learning about them. I feel more confortable with them and their thinking.
    I dont like racist jewish or any other racist person. i believe god doesnt really care what religion you belong to. He loves everyone the same. Its like tgat say, “He is in me and im in him”.
    But God do care that if there is a shabaat and somebody needs help. And you dont help him. You must help him!!
    This man in video, I totally agree with him. God cares about love,respect, and peace.

    Now this is my wisdom which i have learnt from my own life through blessings of god.
    So keep one day a week off for you and your family. Have rest. Doesnt matter what religion you belong to. But do pray to that extremely powerful being called god or if you call him something else. Meditation is the key to wisdom. You want it. You go get it.

    I apologize if i said anything wrong. Im still learning and i will be learning my whole life till i die. Noone is above me or below me. We are all same in eye of god. Right and wrong is on person to decide. And people will judge on theirn own opinions. Follow your wisdom.
    God bless everyone.

    Kind regards,
    Tarinder singh 🙂

  7. I had a feeling you kept the Sabbath because I have been following you for years on your raw food channel. All of the people who live a raw food diet say that they see and think clearer so I wondered how can people see and think clearly but miss God’s 7th day Sabbath from Friday at sunset to Saturday at sunset. A lot of people ignore the Sabbath and say that it was nailed to the cross but there is no scripture that says that in the bible. There is no scripture that mandates a new day of rest. And the 4th commandment is the only one that starts with the word Remember. Yet it is the most ignored/forgotten.

    • +Uridethebushaha Parks
      You got it. The SDA were definitely spot on in rightly dividing the word of truth regarding those prophecies (and apparently among the few to get it), and Ellen White definitely spoke/wrote a lot of truth. I’m actually non-denominational though. In fact, if you look real closely at the SDA logo, you’ll notice the cross has been either intentionally or spiritually manifested upside-down, as it’s displayed by satanists and commonly reffered to as “the cross of St. Peter”, which you can find pictures of Pope Benidect sitting a a throne with that featured in the design. Also if you check out some of Alberto Rivera, the Ex-jesuit priest’s documentaries, you will see he talked about the infiltration of all denominations including SDA. In his magazine/tract “The Godfathers” he said when a US president was sworn in facing the obelisk in washington, D.C. it would be a sign to Jesuits world wide that they had conquered all the churches of America (this of course happened with Regan who recognized the sovereignty of Vatican City and restored diplomatic relationships with the Papacy). By the way, I would highly recommend checking out all of Jim Arrabitos documentaries if you haven’t. He was a SDA and did marvelous work exposing the kingdom of darkness, and his zeal is very inspiring. It’s believed martyred for his work. Maranatha, and God Speed.

    • I was actually raised in the SDA faith. Back then we had the three angel’s logo not the one they have now. I am a prodigal daughter which came back just in time. I do not attend a church because there is none near me where present truth is preached and the members have lost their first love (Jesus Christ) and are more about prosperity and blending with the world. Yes they keep the Sabbath. I am studying the bible more now than ever. I believe there are over 500 Sabbath keeping churches so it’s not just the SDA. But I don’t bash SDA because I learned about the Sabbath, vegetarian diet, modest apparel, and Spirit of Prophecy. I follow some on youtube because they preach what the flock needs now. I will check Jim Arrabitos out. Thank you, Maranatha, and God Speed!

    • +Uridethebushaha Parks
      Praise the Lord for His mercies in Christ Jesus, in rekindling the Holy Spirit’s ministrt in your life! Yes the true bride of Christ today is scattered. 99.9% of professing Christians are apostate, and not spirit filled as is prophesied throughout the new testament for the times in which we are living. Very sad, they need our prayers. As far as I know every church in this country is 501c3 which essentially means they sold out and generally speaking God’s spirit is not ministering through their leaders. You’re wise, now is most definitely the time to “have done all to stand”, and “Seek Him while he may be found”, that we may “walk worthy of the vocation of which we are called”, “Examining and proving our own selves whether we be in the faith”, by “studying to shew ourselves approved, a workman that needeth not be ashamed”. I know what a struggle it is everyday, living in the prophetic church era of Laodicea and all!! But in due time we shall reap if we faint not… We just got to keep confessing/repenting when we get fouled up and pray without ceasing that God would increase our zeal, devotion, and his sanctification. We are at the very brink of the closing events of this age, men’s hearts shall soon being failing them for the things which they shall behold. We shall surely need the whole armour of God, and fortified in the Holy Spirit living pure and Holy lives!! I myself am also incredibly blessed because of God’s mercies in Christ Jesus… I was called out of an exceedingly ungodly-worldly lifestyle just over 4 years ago. Up until that point in my life had more or less been an agnostic. Lord bless and keep you my sister, keep in touch.

  8. Why do u wear that silly hat? The N. T. still counts with you, no?
    It tells men to be UNCOVERED while giving a message…for what reason do u wear that gimmicky sparkly hat? Be real and examine your heart about that. It sends a strange signal.

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