24 thoughts on “How I Became A Jewish Believer in Yeshua.

  1. What is a Messianic Jew? A super christian? I’m half Jewish and half Celtic. I love both cultures. No one better than the other. I know Christians hate Jews (even half castes). I keep my Jewish heritage quiet as I don’t look too Jewish. My siblings have my mum’s features and do get flak. I’ve read the Bible, Koran, Torah and some Hindu and Buddhist works. All seeking a better way. Can one be right and the others wrong?

    • @xtc nz: Anyone can have a cross around their neck and claim to be a Christian. But let me tell you, anyone, who is persecuting whosoever, is not a Christian, he is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing.

    • It comes from the New Testament which is the source of anti semitism. The Christians have also used the Talmud to defame the Jews and their religion by making up quotes that don’t exist in the Talmud accusing the book of teaching hate towards non- Jews and promoting paedophilia. That’s why the pope ordered the Talmud to be taken from Jewish homes and burned a few centuries ago

  2. Salvation is of the Jews! Its a Jewish thing to believe in our Jewish Messiah! Jesus is Lord and Savior for all who will call and believe upon Him! I love you soooo Much! Shalom! And God ordained higher powers, they (higher powers) are not God, God is the Almighty with all power, He is the Most High with All power, be ye edified, read Romans and you will see that God is not a higher power, He ordains higher powers. Be blessed! The original King James Version tells us this. People call satan their higher power. So we know that higher powers are people ordained with authority of Jesus, and we have our senses exercised to know those that serve our God and them that serve him not. Shalom!

  3. Loved this video Paul . What a great testimony of YHWH’s faithfulness to you . To call you out and lead you to the truth. Just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us . Shalom friend

  4. Very good video and I am glad you too found out about Yashua.

    I use to be a Jehovah’s Witness from 1990 – 1997 and what got me out was reading their “Bible” cover to cover and then realizing that they were not living up to their “bible’s” message. I left and lived a life much like you did – I looked into Astrology and some form of Atheism.

    Recently I started reading The Bible again (It was an updated Jehovah’s Witness “Bible”), but then I read an American Standard Bible and I am currently reading The Jerusalem Bible and I am currently in the book of Mark. After this I will read another Bible Translation as well.

    My videos and “mission” is much like yours, but I am reaching out to Jehovah’s Witnesses to show them that their organization is not following what Yashua wants us to do. I am so thankful that God gives everyone the chance for clarity by giving us The Bible to read.

    Again though, like all organizations, these “Churches” want to tell you whatever they want you to hear in order to keep members. Reading The Bible upsets that thought and I hope that more people will do it in our modern age.

    Anyway, I am glad that Yeshua came to save both Jew and Gentile and I am always happy when i hear more and more people coming to know who he really is.

    May God bless you in your ministry and hope that He blesses mine too!

    Thank you for a wonderful video Brother!

  5. Praise Yeshua, the middle wall of separation has been broken down (between Jew and Gentile), to create one new man in Messiah! Of course all the religions of the world (including Christianity and Judaism) have mislead and shortchanged us, as they are a poor substitute for a relationship with the Living God, only made possible through Yeshua’s perfect all atoning sacrifice on the tree. HE is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE! Don’t be satisfied by anything other than a deep, personal, utterly dependent and trusting relationship with the living person of Yeshua the Messiah!

  6. I just started learning Torah. I think many Christians only focus on grace not Torah. Will follow your channel.. you have something I am looking for . Thank you for sharing . ❤️

  7. This is just great. Why-you think-most Jews fight/yes, they do/ with Jesus as Messiah /stating HE did not fulfill all the prophecies/? Why-you think-elderly of Israel mislead the people when it comes to Jesus and HIS mother, Miriam spreading blasphemous lies ?

    • So when do you feel that the Antichrist will show up? It’s terrible that most of the Jews who don’t believe in Jesus will view him to be the messiah. What a crazy showdown this will be. And why hasn’t there been a movie (a good one) made about all the Revelations. Kirk Cameron tried with Left Behind but it wasn’t genuine enough.

  8. It’s funny how many think that “Christian” is the standard, when in fact the term as I understand it was an insult to the early apostles. The title “Christ” is not exclusive to Messiah and therefore also offensive to not only Jews but all those who have become Yisrael through the grafting in Messiah allows us as we become Jews inwardly. The Christianeze mindset in this world is not the faith once delivered to the Saints. So many don’t get it.

  9. Psalms 68:4 The Father said my name is YAH. Revelation 19:1,3,4,6 it is HalleluYAH witch means praise YAH not YEH or JEH. YAHuchanon 5:43 or people know it as John 5:43 it reads ( I come in my Fathers name) The Messiah’s name is YAHusha no YEH in the name do your research

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