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How I Got Food Poisoning On A Raw Vegan Diet

A good friend of mine got food poisoning on a raw vegan diet. I know it is possible but just very rare. Well, last night I suffered from food poisoning on a raw vegan diet and here is my story.


29 thoughts on “How I Got Food Poisoning On A Raw Vegan Diet

  1. Mindfulness is king. No matter how careful and preventative we are, when it’s our time we will be CALLED. May The Lord bless you friend.

  2. Shalom, Paul. I’d like some advice on an issue I’m having. About a month ago, I was experiencing depression and anxiety because of an emotional problem at college (unrequited attraction to a young lady in my classes), and one day I was even contemplating suicide. I managed to recover from those feelings quickly, but since the evening after then I have experienced this feeling of perspiration around my lower back. This was soon accompanied by constipation, and when I looked at the toilet paper after I used it, there was very little moisture at all, even though I could still feel perspiration on my lower back. The feeling has waxed and waned several times since then, and seems to be aggravated when I sit down in classrooms at college or in public. I’ve been motivated to start a raw food diet now, and I bought a juicer, along with tomato and rocket seeds, and I’ve been using powdered wheatgrass to make wheatgrass juice. I’m trying to follow the guidelines in your book “Raw Food Formula for Health”, but I still need more leafy green vegetables in my diet (I’ve been eating organic nuts, avocados, carrots, cucumbers, apples, oranges and bananas, and last week I did join in with some of the cooked meals my family was having (mainly due to hunger because of the lack of leafy greens, as I’ve mentioned)). Do you have advice on whether there is a specific remedy for this perspiration problem, or should I follow your guidelines as best I can with the resources I have? Shalom.

    • Simon – Could the nervous perspiration be emotional showing up as physical? Like a job interview? We fool ourselves a lot by belittling ourselves with FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). Talk to her. Ask her a question about the subject while she is with a bunch of people or in class. Start with Hi! Did you guys get what he said about…? What do you think? I think he’s wrong… That way, she doesn’t feel you are singling her out (as in prey). Say thanks. Now you are in her face, maybe know your name. Ask for their names (pray, not prey). And you know if she was worth it.
      Next time you talk to her, you might like her friend better.

    • +MsNaturalisNormal your ‘Higher Soul’ is your best friend and helper! Ask It what to do and it will tell you. Your Soul is in charge of your body, instruct it to recover and get healthy. Every morning say it out loud: ‘I am healthy!’ You have your invisible spiritual helpers and healing ministers, ask them to guide you and heal you and give you an information. Find local ‘Pranic Healer’, they work with aura and chakras, I know for sure this method helps cancer patients. When I did my ‘Pranic Healing’ course, I had a man in my class who had 4th stage cancer (doctors gave him 4-5 month to live) and our teacher healed him. Now he is practising ‘pranic healing on himself and others. Most important thing is to not give up, never, do not lose hope and love of life. You came to this planet for a reason, and tell yourself that until you find out what that reason is you will not stop searching. Find on internet ‘Twin heart meditation with self healing’ and practice it everyday. It is healing with ‘liquid white light with affirmations. It helps me, I hope it will help you too. I am sending you my Love and Healing Light, I know you can make it, and you will. I see it! You will rise to the next stage of your spiritual journey after recovery and will teach others, how to be in control of your life and how important it is to be connected to your Higher Self – Always! May God give you the courage and strength to pass this stage of your life. You have all Love of Universe, open yourself to receive it!

    • Thank you so much. That is one of the greatest advices anyone has given me. I fought off this tumor 6 yrs ago and now its back and yes during the first time I did help myself and others and since my seizures (they are mental with no speaking or understanding) and no driving, I kind of lost my independence. So many things trigger my seizures. I have to take tiny doses of Ativan on top of seizure meds. It’s not fun, but I feel clear minded when I eat raw foods and I do feel like if I start doing what u said, I will feel some control and independence in my life again. I have good days and bad, but I’m just so glad u took the time to write that comment to me. I am so grateful. Thank you so much for your help and inspiration!

    • +Wildbee108 I left u a comment, but I think I replied wrong lol. didn’t see that 2 ppl responded. I left u a longer comment 🙂 

    • +MsNaturalisNormal Love is all there is, and it is in every sell of our bodies, bursting out to all directions, trying to find those, who needs it the most! Imagine yourself swimming in the ocean of Love! And give it back to the Earth and all living being on this Planet. There is only one secret of happiness, and it is Giving! Give-Give-Give yourself to others, and more you give – more you receive! You know that! You also know, you are not your body, now it is time to realise that, and meditation is the the way. When you start seeing yourself separate from your body, your experience of pain and discomfort will change. Meditation – Meditation and Meditation is the quickest and best way of healing yourself: ‘Physically – Mentally – Spiritually!!! Don’t see your illness as some kind of ‘punishment’ or ‘why me?’ or ‘what did I do to deserve it?’… Trust your Soul, it knows what is best for you. Sometimes we don’t understand otherwise. Bless this illness! Analise why it came back? And when you find the cause, it will live you forever. Remember, everything that happens to us is for the best! You did it once you will do it again!!! But this time let it go, but thank it first for the lesson it taught you. Invite health, happiness, joy, good luck, prosperity to your life, and wait and see what happens. You have my love and blessings, always! And God/Goddess is with you and waiting for you to talk to Him/Her. But for healing you need to talk to Goddess. God directed me to Her, and week later after asking for Her help, I met ‘Pranic Healers’. When we live with God/Goddess, miracles happen every day! Thank Them everyday, tell Them that you Love Them! Univers Loves grateful people… I wish you quick recovery! You are a creator and you can create a perfect life for yourself! Amen!

  3. Fevers are good. Fevers are the body’s way of creating a hostile environment for an unwelcome “visitor” that somehow entered the body. Vomiting and Diarrhea are also ways that the body rejects and expels unwanted or foreign things that somehow got into the body. Mr. Raw Life is lucky that his immune system is healthy enough so that his body could reach such a high temperature and fight whatever microscopic critters that needed to be fought. His body re-acted very strongly and very quickly over-came the problem, and he recovered. And his brain learned from the unpleasant experience and he won’t repeat it. So it’s all good.

  4. Very wise words Paul. Good Job. I have had food poisoning 2x on raw foods as well. Each for very specific reasons I have identified, that I will never repeat. PS. Stop using/buying old produce! If in doubt, compost it out! Hope your daughter was ok.

    • +Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens Thanks John, we are all well not. Not 100% it was food poisoning because it usually doesn’t last this long but as of this morning the fever finally broke.

  5. Thank you for your love and care for humans. It would be nice if you could tell us what caused you food poisoning? That we could avoid it. Was it some kind of combination of foods or something else? Is there some food that don’t work together? Do we need some preparation before going raw? Thanks

  6. i have gotten food poisoning twice from raw foods…both times at a mango festival…from the  mangos. both times it lasted about a week , even though supposedly food poisoning should only last a couple days..i think from them being out in the heat (i’m in south florida) or probably from people touching them or sneezing on them… i am very hesitant to eat fruits at festivals now.  
    i have cancer now, and i am very very lucky that i already had a healthy lifestyle. i also could not imagine trying to learn to eat healthy now. Now, i am extra vigilant as to what goes in my body.

  7. I find it hard to go full raw . Is there any tips . At the minute craving sugar so bad . But I have got brain problems , and sleep for most of the day . But some of my meds make you crave sugar . Any tips on sweet raw foods . Plz don’t say fruit dat is my main meal at the min 💟

  8. Food poisoning is mysterious. I gave Nutribiotic GSE Citricidal to 20+ coworkers. All but one forgot the bloating fever rumbling etc in about 20 minutes.
    In Mexico on the last day we got really sick. ASAP I drank a bottle of water with 20-30 drops of GSE and felt ok in 30 minutes. My friend drank half and remained half sick all the way home. But, no toilet urge!
    My son got sick in a Chinese restaurant. 5 of us were ok.
    I got sick soon after eating pizza. My 3 friends were ok. And I eat healthier than they do.
    Some woman in an article got food poisoning, developed skin lesions and almost lost her life. Traced it back to bad oysters in a restaurant. Her friend ate too and was ok.

    Turned out her friend did not drink. The sick woman was a heavy drinker, therefore a compromised liver that couldn’t handle an extra load.

    As for the oysters, traced it back to MD processing plant. Got them from GA. Trucked to MD to sort, trucked to CA. 2-3 wks. We’re the trucks refrigerated? We’re the oysters still alive? There is no stringent inspection for seafood as for meats.

  9. What happened to your daughter? I got food poisoned yesterday. I advise you to consider activated charcoal and ginger drink (ginger lemon and honey if u eat honey). Good idea to fast also

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