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I consume a very healthy diet and still got skin cancer. However the tumor was not related to my diet. In this video I explain how I got skin cancer and also how I completely cured it. Many people ask me if this video is real. It is real and this works. Try it for your self and see!

You can get the same products I used in this video at this link:

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25 thoughts on “How I Got Skin Cancer and Cured It!

  1. All these things that you mention as negatives (the penicillin, the gauze, the check up, and so forth) are good things.They are meant to ensure your continued, or new found health, again, something I would gladly pay for.

  2. Ok. Now I regret not laying into you before. Did you even read the other half of my response. I never strayed off topic, you are the one with the short attention span. I continuously brought you back to the topic. …Ok. Really REALLY try to focus this time. “A doctor is more likely to have a less deleterious effect.” This is the point, and you have in no way, through opinion or fact, refuted it.

    And FYI, that is only one definition of physician. Learn to read the dictionary.

  3. Yep. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well.

    Listen the surprising part is my friend who is not doing much excercises, maintaining his six pack with this secret food items.

    worth watch here now

  4. Basal cell carcinomas are one of the easiest cancers to treat, I’m surprised he wasn’t offered the simple chemotherapy cream, which would guarantee all the cancer falling off as opposed to surgery.

    • My father used that crap on pretty much every self diagnosed cancer (aka normal moles) over his body. He had these huge cherry sized holes over his back, arms and face (shallower on his face, but still huge).

  5. you didn’t rinse off the puss/foam looking stuff each day in between applications of the white salve with peroxide or anything? just put more cream over foam/puss??….i guess that was day 1 on the white salve…….day 2 looked better …i heard you washed with soap and water……i may have used peroxide…maybe 50/50 with water…!!!!it came out a huge clump….wow.

    • +Andrea NY Cutting the cancer out doesn’t get rid of the cancer! Skin cancer is the most aggressive cancer! It hides in the glands!

  6. I don’t know if this is a good idea. if the cancer is fast growing that window to be able to cut it out before it spreads internally might close. I’m to scared to even comment further as I would hate for someone to die deciding on something based on my comment

  7. your vibe is beautiful, bruh.
    Scott from Brooklyn, nyc
    May the universe grant you health physically serenity spiritually and peace- happiness- balance and moderation mentally …I am trying to find my way…pray for me please..
    alll the best this good day..

  8. I watched your video and one from SmoothieGirl a year ago, and I thank God for having watched them. I bought black salve with the bloodroot in it, and it removed all of my skin cancer on my chest. Some came out like an eruption over a couple of weeks, and one still have blood vessels still attached, but we completely white, the salve stopped any nourishment to the cancerous tissue. Years ago I had it removed by a specialist doctor, but it came back. I just wish with all my heart that the orthodox treatment of skin and breast cancer were more honest about the use of black salve.

  9. Thank you for the video ..a year ago
    My husband had the same thing on his spine and had it cut out at dermatologist the scar is insane and scary so you think we should do this just to make sure nothing was left behind and will black salve work through the scar tissue??? Please help?!?!

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