Today in Part 3 Dr. Coldwell talks about how and why he developed the knowledge and passion to help people with cancer. He shares a story about what doctors did to his grandmother thats crazy. Each day this interview gets more interesting. You can see his site at


20 thoughts on “How I learned how to heal Cancer by Dr. Leonard Coldwell Part 3

  1. If you want to be picky, i also did not answer your first question. Who am i to say he is a scandal? Someone with sense, to notice that what this man preaches is quackery and pseudoscience.

  2. Although you have not stated for the record what you are a student of, I can surmise by your comment that you are a medical student. It appears that the brainwashing you are receiving from the pharmaceutical corporation controlled medical school is working.
    He claims to have cured 35 thousand patients. How many have you cured with your non-quackery and “real” science?
    It sounds like you have already sold your soul to the corporation and the greed of the medical mafia.

  3. Nope, I am a Biochemistry student. Sorry, am i disputing there is greed and bad science in the pharmaceutical industry? Have i said that once? Or are you assuming i am because i don’t believe this false information that this man preaches.

  4. If you are asserting this man is preaching false information and you post comments on YouTube warning people not to let him “get through to you” and “he’s not a real doctor” then something is motivating you.
    If your motivation is to prevent people from physical and financial harm and to inform people to seek out “real” doctors then what is motivating you?
    Are you, your Mommy and/or Daddy or other family members profiting from the drug pushers know as “real” doctors who pedal big pharma poison?

  5. Why don’t you provide links to information in your “real” science world from your “real” doctors that dispute that an alkaline Ph level in the body will not allow cancer cells to survive.

    Go ahead, post the links to the information from your “biochemistry” studies that refute the fact that cancer cannot survive in a body that is alkaline in Ph.

    I look forward to reading and viewing your “real” science with respect to Ph levels in the body and it’s affect on cancer.

  6. No, my family or friends have nothing to do with the pharmaceutical industry, or are any or them doctors. I just explained: ” am i disputing there is greed and bad science in the pharmaceutical industry? Have i said that once?” If you forgot to read it.
    What is motivating me? For people to notice what this man preaches is false.

  7. I did read your comment re greed and bad science in the pharmaceutical industry. If we agree on that then why are you advising people to stay away from Dr. C and to seek a “real” doctor? They are nothing more than legalized drug pushers in white coats “prescribing” “cures” (sold by the big pharma companies) that are actually poison and counter productive.

    “…notice what this man preaches is false.” So say you! Who are you to say this.

    Maybe you are preaching falsities. Show me the proof!

  8. Okay a statement from dr leonard coldwell. “Salt is made from one part glass, one part salt and one part sand. It scratches your arteries, and causes inflammatory response to cause atherosclerosis. Use sea salt in treatment for cancer to give electricity, sea salt is not harmful as it doesnt contain sand and glass.” Okay so yes, damage to arteries do cause atherosclerosis. But not from the way he describes. It is common knowledge that table salt is Sodium Chloride, with some anti-caking agent.

  9. I don’t understand, in other videos dr. Coldwell says that his mom was almost to die when he was 12, now I understand that he was 15 and actually the doctors saved her at that moment doing a surgery for gold bladder’s stones that give her time to get cured with other treatments, too.

  10. It’s out of question that LOVE and faith in your future is a very important part of any treatment, and placebo is a very good prove to that. I would like to see a study about “placebo” used with and without love and faith support… When you can not trust the people around, you can not imagine and have faith in any future…

  11. You should be ashamed to say that about people when doctors are behaving like priests and hide the information from patient and many times do not explain to patients and talk with them about their treatment – why that and that. You obviously do not have cancer and have no idea about tiredness and exhaustion. My physician said I could go with public transportation even I have metastasis and adrenalin gland covered by tumor, because of a trauma… People got tired of faked up studies and facts!

  12. I am sorry, but I do not agree that all the diseases are caused by lack of energy and I think that it’s inverse: the disease causes a lack of energy.

  13. Cancer is cured since all of you were born. Everyone needs to sit down and watch this video yes its one hour and 23 min but it must be done. Watch this video asap. WHEN HEALING BECOMES A CRIME by Kenny Ausubell

  14. I understand where you are coming from…it was too late for my father as well. I am dedicating my life to wellness, natural cures, helping myself and others, and living my truth.

  15. What a blessing that God called you Dr. Leonard Coldwell … your obedience is well pleasing and a blessing to many. thank you. Maranatha

  16. Amazing! Thank you. God heals in different ways. Also check out streethealing On youtube. People at the street commanding sickness to leave peoples Bodies. We are miracles all of us 😉

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