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Dr. Fred Bisci has been eating a raw food diet for more than 50 years. In this video Dr. Fred answers the question of how much food we really need. Visit Dr. Fred's website at


10 thoughts on “How much do we need to eat?

  1. But what about if you are an endurance athlete. How much you eat, how often etc is dependant on the individuals constitution and activity levels, lots of things. Not so simple.

  2. every body is different. i feel better when i eat 4-5 smaller meals then 3 big meals. so how can he say that eating 1-2 meals is better. and i’m not even talking about athiletes. paul, do you think there is sense to his words?

  3. i don’t’ think 1-2 meals is good for everyone. i feel better when i eat 4-5 smaller meals then 1-2 big meals. and when you eat 1-2 meals you need to make a big meal and that puts more pressure.

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