11 thoughts on “How Much Space Do You Really Need?

  1. I’m female & I have 3 pairs of shoes. Sometimes I think I should do the typical female thing and acquire more shoes so I go into shops and look around but then I feel slightly confused because I can’t figure out which shoes to buy as I already have sufficient for my needs – a dressy pair, a casual pair and a pair for exercising. I do love the spacious feel of my walk in closet though. 🙂

  2. I have moved alot around, I don’t need a closet
    still I have too much
    how can I begin having less
    how did you begin
    We were born without stuff – and die without
    I’m for, but it’s so damned hard

  3. This is sooo funny for a good reason. Because my husband and I had this same conversation and said I had way to much stuff. So I agreed it was things in bends that I hadn’t worn for years;so I got rid of them. And when we finished I was down to two 2 bends and he only got rid of probably 2 or 3 items. I thought that was hilarious cause he was the one suggested lets clean house…wow really.

  4. Houses w/out closets is a TERRIBLE idea b/c closets don`t just store stuff but they keep things organized. Of course ppl can go overboard & probably ppl in most industralized countries do have too much. But w/no closets where do you put that dirty mop? Where do you hang your clothes, raincoat, & winter coat? Where do you put the extra toilet paper? Where do you put your towels? etc. If you leave this stuff lying about in the house it makes the house junky. Have a closet but use moderation.

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