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  1. I do follow a raw vegan – – daylight diet. . for a long time. I need very little sleep . . Getting up with the birds at 4 am daily is a beautiful thing. The other thing I love and enjoy is watching how we develop on this diet – – mentally, spiritually – – not only physically. We become fully human – – its wonderful. I’ve watched you develop thru the years. . .

  2. Paul, what are you eating for your meals especially evening meal the days you eat?

    Question for you Paul – i find if I eat raw vegan dinner meal (6 pm) of a large bowl mixed greens with veggies OR even meal of 5-7 bananas my sleep is disturbed bc of the “quantity” it takes to be full to carry me to the next day without wanting a night shack.
    I experimented this week eating a 1 handful of mixed greens with mashed avocado and diced up block of tofu (20 gr protein) and I slept so much better, not disturbed with digestion -much less quantity and denser food. Would you say the denser meal of tofu and avocado is better/easier on the body than lots of veggies & salad or large fruit mono meal?

  3. Great stuff Paul. I used to get 9 hours of sleep some nights and woke up tired. I found out i had sleep apnea, I was suffocating in my sleep and not knowing it. I had to lose weight so I dont need the cpap machine.

  4. Paul i dont understand why juiceing is fine when its so unnatural.There is NO WAY to get juice out of roots like carrot in nature
    And you just said to follow the nature

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