How to avoid the flu

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21 thoughts on “How to avoid the flu

  1. Thank Yah & thank you… BUT I have a little different take. As a nurse, exposure to “unhealthy” people is unavoidable! Praise Yah… He protects me from dis~ease, by building my immune system through exposure to “unhealthy” people!

  2. PS: no vaccines/ immunizations since I was legally able to make that choice. LoL over 40yrs ago! Only “sick days” off from work were due to injuries. Praise Yah!

  3. I work in a school and I frequently come into direct contact with sick children that end up that they were sick with flu, stomach flu, colds, etc…I haven’t been sick this entire winter. I don’t avoid because it’s impractical for me. I wash my hands frequently, I try to take ashwaghanda every day. It’s got to be a strong immune system and trying to be vigilant with hand washing.

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