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How to be blessed by Yahweh

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6 thoughts on “How to be blessed by Yahweh

  1. I will be obedient to Elohim and will be set apart of this world. We humbly ask guiding from the Holy Spirit to find out more truth in His Word! Thank you☝

  2. I hate this evil and Wicked World Paul… I’m so ready I’m so ready..
    I’m in the fight of my life.. I stand firm and I will not Bend I am boots on the ground Soldier getting waking up every morning with a fighting mind for truth… my mind is locked,, and my heart is locked and I am ready to die for my assure should I have to…………
    Set apart this is why most most of the people at work don’t like me because I do not engage in their conversation and the things they do at night or on weekends… I’ve learned how to allow it not to make me feel uncomfortable callusing myself for the Lord when the spirits are snickering.. paying her back double just by not being involved…so yes I am feeling it folks alive and well all the clicks they have their work… and these are those that speak their Christians……… hello Friday night brothers and sisters

  3. Paul, I really enjoy your videos and listen to you often. I try to keep the commandments mentioned in the Torah. However, what concerns me are the ambiguous writings of the Apostle Paul. What I have noticed is that many people will disregard what the OT states because they believe that the commandments were “done away with.” It seems that this issue is the center of people being disobedient to the commandments.

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