23 thoughts on “How to build your own community

  1. PastorDowell,

    I’m waiting on the Patreon with your content. I desire to have your wisdom and mentorship. Keep the faith, Shalom.

  2. That’s what I’m trying to work towards, I’m working to save enough money so that I can buy a piece of land and do exactly as you suggested, but I’m doing it alone, no one I know, within my family even cares about this, some of which are not true believers and others because they don’t agree with me on who the real Hebrews are or that our Messiah is a black man, so I’m still pushing forward, sad and tired and emotionally drained, but I’m pushing towards that goal… I keep explaining the what how why and when to everyone I know with some kind of faith… Hit it goes on deaf ears. Blessing to your community Pastor! Shalom

  3. Thank you for this video Pastor Dowell. I have been saving since March of last year after hearing and watching the first video of yours.

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