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It is winter and it is cold. Even here in South Florida it is cold. In this video I help you understand about eating raw food during the winter months.

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13 thoughts on “How To Eat A Raw Food Diet In The Cold Weather

    • I am not a big fan of any bread but if you are going to eat bread, home made bread with Sprouted wheat berries 100% raw would be okay. 

    • Eating cooling foods in the winter time will add coldness to the body. The system of Yin and Yang explains this better than I can. Also when we are eating in season we are eating local and that is always best. People living in colder climates eating things like watermelon in the winter is not ideal for digestion and many other areas of health. 

    • Lets say a person has high acid conditions..
      and needs some cooling..he’s on fire burning with it..perhaps they have a major illness and they are losing time…

    • Well, you would never set your air conditioner to 50 degrees F in the summer time–would you?  That would be too cold. 50 degrees is not t-shirt weather and people in the south do not own coats.  In fact, most people in the south don’t have clothes that they would “layer.” I should know, I live here. In fact, people I know usually set their heater somewhere between 69 degrees – 72 degrees F no matter where they live. Don’t you?  When you are cold, you eat and function differently than when the temperature is more constant. I grew up in the north and I get where you are coming from tho.

  1. It is -35C here in Toronto Canada right now.  Yikes!  If eating just raw, you are freezing.  So I almost have to eat some vegetarian and bean soup from the crock pot at least once a day, otherwise I am literally shivering inside and can’t get warm :/
    Have to move to Florida one day.

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