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44 thoughts on “How To Lose Stomach FAT the TRUTH

    • +dru713281 Good for u man, but I am wondering, if instead of cheating at night with all the junk food, wouldn’t it have been better if u ate a more normal meal instead? Normal meaning having a proper breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks throughout the day and eliminating all the junk food from ur diet, I would think that would have got u the same results without being so extreme… What do u think?

    • +A C. i didn’t wanna eat too much throughout the day before my workouts because i felt sleepy and lazy vs energized. the nighttime did two things for me, which was because i wanted to eat more since i still felt hungry in the daytime after only eating those few thing i told myself i could do this after both my workouts and also it gave me the feeling of being full and sleepy and finally eating what i wanted so  i wouldnt feel like i was on a diet because you mentally get frustrated limiting yourself from what your normal pattern was and i would get enough rest at night to recoup the muscles i tore in the workouts. this gave me one cheat meal a day and really took the stress off of me wanting to eat everything in sight in the daytime. i came close to breaking that rule many times but would tell myself tonight you can have whatever u want just put in the work first. also from the workouts i was really hungry but i wouldn’t eat 5 cheese burgers i would get fuller and fuller with less as time went on. it gave me the choice and feeling of do i wanna feel like this in the daytime when i eat too much? so as time went on i started to realize i didn’t need to eat much in the day just what my body needed to run on. water helped out very much also. ive tried every diet but one thing i learned it sucks being on a diet. this method helped my mind and body regulate and steer me into better choices.

  1. I’ve lost nearly 80lbs from a whopping 368lbs.

    I had to reevaluate the way I was eating. I’ve saw the signs last summer, If I would continued eating the same I’ll die at young age. So I had to make a change and make it happen.

  2. If I go to a Church and I see a bunch of fat people, what do you think I’m going to preach on? I’m going to preach on Gluttony!😭😭😭

    • +PastorDowell Good evening Pastor Dowell. Came across ur videos a few months ago for the 1st time. You’ve been a huge blessing in my training for full time ministry. I have a question for you. I’ve also been watching Israel United In Christ preaching on the streets. They preach a different doctrine than you do by condemning all non “by birth” Israelites to destruction. Well countless NT scriptures refute that. Also what I don’t understand is they use so much profanity, more than I did when I was in the world serving satan. I commented on it and one of them responded by “cussing me out” so bad, dropping “F” bombs and “a” holes, etc. One went on to say that it’s not a sin to cuss. What does the scriptures say regarding using foul language???? Thank you…Shalom.

  3. Since i have started this “fizy unique plan” diet (Google it) I`ve dropped 19 pounds. Thanks for the fantastic results! I absolutely recommend you Google the actual “fizy unique plan” by yourself and try it.

  4. That so true…. especially my black people. I watched family feud with a 5 black church going females ranged in ages and each one of them was 100+ pounds over weight.

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