Each year I give a lecture for the Hippocrates Health Institute Teachers Training Class. In this 9 week class students are taught how make a lifestyle and business out of their new understanding of health and healing. We do not need to be stuck in a job we do not enjoy. In this lecture I explain how you can be free and do something that helps others while providing yourself a life of support and joy.

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4 thoughts on “How to make a business out of your health transformation

  1. I’ve tried through FB to let people know through my experience… I am following you and am getting stronger each day after breast cancer and Hashimoto’s. Discovered (my own intuition) that the infected root canal that has gone through my jaw bone is the culprit — among the high dairy and gluten diet I WAS on! Getting the root canal removed in a few days by a Biological Dentist. The raw food diet works best for me as well! Thank you!!

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