How to overcome a food addiction

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16 thoughts on “How to overcome a food addiction

  1. Brother Paul, I’ve been struggling with giving up meat and dairy since February. You are very encouraging, but this is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. This, inspite of the successes I’ve experienced. Yes, I deny myself sooooo much living this new lifestyle. And here’s a partial list of the things I’ve given up (lol): inflammation, diabetes, high blood pressure, body odor, severe lower back pain, headaches, muscle aches, carpal tunnel in both hands, neuropathy and I could go on. I was never on any medications to begin with but I was very ill. The doctor wanted to start me on blood pressure meds and I just never filled the prescription. I’ve lost 58 lbs, too without exercise. It would be safe to say I was days away from a stroke or heart attack the way I was going. I exercise everyday now and eat only once a week. I have never felt better. The body is designed to heal itself. Maybe that is what He meant when Scripture says “we are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Yah is good! Blessings to you and your family.

    • Yes, I eat only once per week now because I am detoxing. It is hard but I’m doing it with lots of prayer and distancing myself from people who try to sabotage my efforts. I feel so good. The 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep far outweigh the hunger pains that I occassionally have. It’s getting a little easier. Yah is good!

  2. 5 to 8 double strength coffees a day then I stopped. I had mild head aches for about 5 days then all good. My bed time reflux improved by 99 %. Off tea as well. 🙂 My morning ritual was in turmoil. LOL

  3. Love coffee! Having a hard time getting off of it! It is an addiction for sure. I drink 1/2 reg. & 1/2 decaf. Then I will go to decaf. I only drink 2 cups a day but I know I need to stop those 2 cups. I love the taste of coffee though and the smell. I will then substitute 1 cup for peppermint tea! Love peppermint tea! Love camomile in the Evening. My father is 92 and he drinks stove top perculated coffee throughout the day. He is on no meds, I do not get it.

    • G I N A GK. Me, too! Usually a big cup of “bullet proof coffee” (made with coconut oil, butter & turmeric), which is supposed to be “good” for the brain (reduces Alzheimer’s Disease). Went caffeine free for ~9 months… guess I relapsed! LoL

    • G I N A GK i expect each person is different, each one tolerating differently. I cannot touch caffeine, even in chocolate. The withdrawals were/are horrendous. It’s a good idea to do half and half until you completely come off the caffeine, but even if you skip a cup of that, you’ll get withdrawals, so do it slowly and lower it bit by bit. I drink roasted chickory, instead, as well as non-chemical decaf tea, plus fruit teas or homemade. Once free of caffeine, you feel so clear and clean. Skin improves, as well, as coffee dehydrates. I have a decaf coffee now and then.

  4. Amen ! I have a problem with eating for pleasure a lot of the time rather than eating for health . I admire that you can eat every other day brother Paul . I usually nibble and nibble until full throughout the day . Sister Tammy and I will do a Daniel fast next week hehe . we are so excited and ready to detoxify and get closer to Yah

  5. I agree that overdose on caffeine cause a lot of health problems! My mom became anemic due to drinking tea instead of water. In country she lived water was very mineral and plain water didn’t taste good.

  6. I stopped coffee because if I would go one day without it I would get a headache like a withdrawal so I stopped cold turkey and the headaches went away after like 3 days.

  7. I agree with everything u r saying but its just so damn hard to stop. Yes its deffently habbit. I drink coffee when i wake up during the day and last thing at night. It is addiction and its guna be hell to stop as i love it and i need it. It wakes me up and gives me energy like a quick fix. But u r right it wpuld benifet our health to stop.

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