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5 thoughts on “How to overcome addiction to cooked food

  1. I keep hearing chef AJ (works with True North fasting center) repeat “ no starch = no Satiety”, sure we feel full eating raw vegan but satiated? Yet I remember how addicted I was to grains way way back then and how cooked potatoes or beans or winter squash made me feel sluggish tired afterwards. I also remember when I ate fish (within raw plant based diet) the little 4 oz fish would satiate me more than fruits and veg-so I know the difference of full and satiated.

    Paul whats your experience in raw foods with being satiated? I find bananas pretty satiating without feeling stuffed. I never played with high fat raw vegan though.

    • Owen fox – New Age Sage Clown Transformer! Paul doesnt believe in frutarianizm.He said that its because of sugar which is a lot higher than it Was 200 years ago.
      I think i agree with him partially butcstikl beaing 99% fruit freak ^^

      Paul correct me if i said wrong.
      Greetings 🍉🍉🍉

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