Everyone knows how much I love the taste of Raw Cacao also know as Chocolate. I'm actually kidding folks. Well maybe not, I do like the taste of Chocolate but I don't enjoy the harmful effects.

There is something that actually has a chocolate flavor but better and no harmful affects, it's carob. If you have never heard of it check it out, but if you have tried it and don't like it you are just not using it the right way. Today's guest Philip McCluskey talks about a book he wrote with only Raw Carob Recipes.

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7 thoughts on “How to Overcome Your Chocolate Addiction

  1. Thank you thank you thank you!! Chocolate is starting to do me in big time, and TODAY I decided that was it for now, but it is so addictive, so the timing for seeing this is *amazing*!! Thank you Paul and Philip, this was so incredibly helpful!

  2. Thats not the same thing! I never have had any bad side effects with raw.cacao nibs and am sorry if you did but you need to atleast admit that for.alot of people it works great. I feel much better with my chocolate then with out it. Its really the greatest super food in the world.

  3. Why I love cacao nibs. It gives me clarity,energy,stemina,i can work out longer and faster, it controls hunger, it helps me not crave bad junk, it keeps me focused and much more and oh did I mention that it has over 160 nutrients in it. I like to see another food top that. Plus there is more positive reserach then negative.

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