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Today we were in an asian market in Canada talking about how to pick a good durian when they are frozen. We ended up getting kicked out of the storre but that's okay because we got the durian.


21 thoughts on “How To Pick a Good Frozen Durian #403

  1. I have been directed by my God Presence that if a food does not smell good that is a sign of impurity. Because all pure food will smell wonderful.

  2. Good advice on the frozen durian! I would also add that you want a durian with even buldges on all sides. If you can find one that is slightly split at the base, its a sign of a good durian. However, even with these hits, like the man said, you still might not end up with a good durian!

  3. I just had frozen durian before watching this.. I got it in an Asian grocery store in Sydney. Was awesome better than what most people say about frozen durians. I am used to eating fresh durians in Malaysia 🙂

  4. Yes, Durian is the KING of fruits! My first visit to Singapore I ran away from a Durian seller while squeezing my nose shut. My first bite of Durian I gagged and threw up but almost like magic, my second week I tried it again and was hooked. Now, I need Durian as if it was oxygen… : )
    I live in California USA and only get frozen Morn Thong from Thailand but my preference is the hybrid varieties from Malaysia like D24, slightly bitter with large seed and slightly red in color.

  5. that store worker is an idiot. no pictures policy in an ASIAN store? yeah right. asian stores are the most leanient of all. how bout u get strict on your policy of selling rotten fruit and not having a return policy. AND paul is actually helping their business why advertising their durians. what an idiot

  6. Thanks for the info and effort. I’m new to this fruit. Does it contain nutrition that is not found in other fruitsveg ?

    Also I heard Mango is “king of all fruits” but you seems to disagree.

  7. u should come to Singapore to try durians. There is a street called GEYLANG and u can try all kinds of tropical fruits. After u taste the REAL taste of durian, trust me, u will never want to eat FROZEN durian again. Durians are not just sweet, there are some who are bitter and its highly sought after.

  8. i had my doubts when i was watching this video but his logic in picking frozen durian is correct and logical. Thumbs Up
    Seen other videos on youtube and all of them is wrong, This video is the only good one.

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