How to start a raw vegan diet

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36 thoughts on “How to start a raw vegan diet

  1. I’ve flip flopped over the last six years as people do. When raw was king I felt amazing. My weight normalized pretty quickly, the energy was clean and always there. I juiced a lot and that seemed to be key for me. I never fasted but rather just made green juice and beet juice a daily habit.

    Stress, death in the family, moving…all this led me back to my old ways slowly, and just as slowly I’m juicing again and trying to pull myself back out of the hole.

    The point is that I’ve seen for myself what a clean, raw lifestyle can do and its powerful!

    It’s hard to break the chains but it’s doable.

  2. I’m new..I found the treasure and got the promise…I lost my desire for meat over night…at first I didn’t want anything…then when I could eat again..I ate fruit vegetables rice..peanut butter..I got no teeth…I’m fine but..I don’t want much at alll..I’m afraid I’m not getting enough food…I’ve had so many symptom of detox..I went to dr…she’s against what I’m doing so that didn’t help much..I don’t know anybody here in Tennessee who is not eating meat…I have no idea what I’m doing…I feel’s been about 45 days

    • i lost my desire to eat beef and chicken when i saw videos’ on youtube on how brutal they treat animals and brutally they murder them for food, pure fucking murder all the way man, so as i go back to natural i eat very little beef or chicken anymore but this raw thing is interesting, now i love pinto beans, and i guess i might start to sprout them and eat them like that but cooked pinto beans sure are tasty mixed with brown rice and now they have come out with a burger that is total vegetable and bleeds and tastes like beef but has no animal anything in it and i cannot find these burgers anywhere, dang it……

    • losing the desire for eating animals is a great start. There are many people in TN and cities all over the world who are vegan. Try joining some vegan potlucks in your area you will meet many of them.

  3. I was a vegan for two years. Was surviving on banana smoothies and orange juice. My only problem with that was I felt hungry even after I ate stomach full. Any advice on that?

    • you can do it, and milk is for babies not adults, i have not bought a gallon of milk in over 50 years and i am 63, but i do like limburger cheese, stinks to high heaven but tastes great, so i buy some once every year or so, it is the eggs i wonder about as i eat hardly any meat anymore and thought that eggs would be a source of decent protein, man, food is a topic i never discuss with friends as it can lead to heated feelings i have noticed………..

    • Sara omar Lowrey: There are many dairy alternatives: Ex. Almond beverage instead of milk (you can even get it in chocolate); Soya-based creams instead of pudding; you can even get coconut 🥥 -based yogurts. You can also find delicious, 😋 nondairy ice cream and chocolate bars. 🍓🥕🥑 Good luck! : )

    • I love to make plant milk from raw organic sunflower seeds in the blender -add a touch of maple syrup or stevia -a pinch of Himalayan Or Celtic Sea Salt / Comes our creamy & white – full of good enzymes & raw vitamins like E-Complex for hair, skin & nails. People always ask me how I keep my skin wrinkle free at almost 57 years young – Adding as much raw veggies , fruits -limited raw nuts & seeds -pure water & if I eat cooked whole food -I limit that to 25-30% of my diet. Dairy milk causes a lot of cancer & hormone problems -your health will thank you giving it up or severely limiting it. ❤️

    • +Heidi Verna Thorbjørnsen wow, what a neat recipe you have for home made milk and i am 63 years young with a pony tail and have not one single strand of grey hair and never even began the first inkling of going bald, ha, the only hair i lose is when i ride my motorbike and the wind messes up my tail and combing it out rips out hair, ha ha ha, and say, i like your name, you must live in norway or denmark or sweden, well, hello from chicago……..and i have not purchased cows milk in the last 45 years, ha, always thought it tasted foul compared to goats milk which i tasted once, a long long long time ago……….and, i was born in chicago and tell people on the net, “hello from chicago”, but i live on a farm in the country 3 hours west of chicago…….

  4. Yeah Iv been detoxing , this is my 2week, now the only thing I want to eat is raw foods , I’ll eat other stuff like cooked food and my body does not like it ,even with coffee this week I made coffee a few times and I can’t drink it ,,, it tase awful ,,,

    • i know, i recently started drinking, what i call, raw coffee, ha, no joke here, i take the dry seed, did you know coffee is actually not a bean but a seed? it is true, google it, but for now i will say beans, so i take the dry beans and put them in a baggie and smash them lightly with the side of my coffee cup till they are crunched a little then i pour water in a pot and boil about 3 tbls. for 3 cups of water for about 15 minutes and drain through sifter and i think, why am i doing this, cause i drank green tea for the last 40 years, and i always loathed coffee cause i thought it tasted like nasty water from rotting car tires or something similar and it smells like poop too and i will
      be danged but i think i am addicted to caffeine, ha, if it ain’t one thing, it is the other………

  5. I transitioned very slowly. I wouldn’t recommend switching from one lifestyle to another over night. I initially cut out non-vegan foods (meat, fish, eggs, all dairy). I was still eating “cooked” vegan foods like beans, lentil, quinoa. I was even steaming/grilling my vegetables 🌶 🍅 🌽. Then I decided to eat predominantly raw. And, now I’m 💯 percent raw vegan. From time to time I still use manuka “honey” 🐝 as a sweetener in my “boiled” herbal 🍵 tea (some consider this to be non-raw-vegan)…Other than that, everything else that I eat is raw vegan🌱. It has been 10 years and I feel great!🙂 Thank you for all of your helpful info. I ❤️ love your videos.

    • ron valic: I follow the following people: Doug Graham, Brian Clement, David Wolfe, TC Campbell, Harvey Diamond.: Books, YouTube, Documentaries. Good luck.🙏🌱🌾🌈

    • The transition time is different for everyone. some will do it like you but others seem to do better quickly. What ever works people just do it!!!!

    • +ron valicI tried adding raw eggs but didn’t feel well on them. Also if you do decide to eat eggs they are mush better fresh. The ones in the store are gross.

    • +The Raw Life Health Show yeah, i get eggs from a farm down yonder and when i pull into the driveway the chickens are walking all over the place, the farmer lady has no cages whatsoever, and actually i think eggs are a very gross thing to eat and i actually eat them against my desires, and i did go 10 years without touching them but started on them again a few years back cause i decided that eating meat cannot be good but i still eat small amounts of beef out of fear from losing too much weight. back in 1973 i became vegetarian but knew nothing about being one so that lasted for about 10 years so then at the age of 28 i, little by little, ate a burger here and there. have you heard about these burgers that are all vegetable and taste like beef and here is the gross advertised part, “bleeds like beef too”, is what i have seen, ha, seems like humans have to see blood to know it is good? i tell ya. so do you eat grains? like do you have oatmeal for breakfast? man, i feel so sorry for all the stupid mothers at walmart and other grocery chains, when i look into their shopping carts and see mountains of garbage that they buy for their children, and the breakfast cereals, that are so full of chemicals and trash, dang, i could write a book here, and food is a heavy topic to discuss with anyone, almost like religion, so i hardly ever talk about food with friends, cause even my friends, i have seen know nothing about food. so, i had one egg yesterday, some days, i make two eggs. hey paul, google youtube “how to cook eggs”, man oh man, yikes, and you are right, store eggs are from prisoner chickens and are full of chemicals, and i also found out, that many store bought eggs are actually over a month old before they even get to the store shelves, and to prove that i did an experiment, i bought a dozen eggs from walmart and i boiled them and i boiled my farmer lady eggs and i compared them, ha ha ha, wow, i threw the other ten store bought eggs out for my racoons, as i live on 2 acres surrounded by farmland and the racoons are everywhere and they love eggs, yeah, the walmart eggs tasted like stale death , so, anyway, love your channel and friends of mine say it is weird how come i am 63 and have not one single stinking strand of grey hair and never even began to lose hair or go bald, and i tell them that is because i was a vegetarian for 12 years starting back in the 70’s, but it is probably due to my dad never went bald and had a full head of hair when he was 85 and he started to go grey when he was 76, wow………..thanks dad……!

    • My initial goal was simply to begin making healthier choices (not to be vegan, or to even go raw). Today, I avoid all processed foods, and I juice 🥤 daily (mostly celery, carrots 🥕, cucumber 🥒, kale, spinach, parsley, turmeric, ginger). I invested in an amazing juicer (Kuvings C7000S Whole Elite Slow Juicer). It cost me $629.99 + taxes= $724.33 total (Canadian). Worth every penny!👍🙂 Thanks again for all of the helpful tips!!🙏

  6. Paul, my ultimate goal is to be 100% raw and I feel one of the most important things is to eat lots of greens. There in lies the problem for me because I have never been a big eater. I’m also confused with all this information coming out against veganism. How do we know who has the right information? Who do we trust? I’ve been vegan over 5 years and would love to continue this lifestyle forever.

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