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Hu Yavo (He Will Come) is a Messianic praise and worship song written by Joshua Aaron celebrating the return of Messiah, Yeshua as the "Conquering King". Purchase on iTunes at or . LYRICS BELOW

He will return to Jerusalem, Zion's King will restore the Land
The clouds will part and our King will descend
With fire in His eyes, seven stars in His right hand

Hu Yavo, yavo, Hu Yavo, Yeshua x2
(He will come, Yeshua)

verse, chorus repeats
We know He came, the Lamb who was slain
He'll come again, our conquering King
On that day His sword will go forth
To take back and restore what belongs to our Lord

The bride will go forth to the ends of the earth
Preparing the way of the Lord
Beckoning the day, when Israel will say,
"Baruch Haba B'shem Adonai!"
(Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord)

Hu Yavo, Yavo, Hu Yavo, Yeshua x2
(He will come, Yeshua)

Bo Yeshua, Bo!
(Come Yeshua, Come)


21 thoughts on “Hu Yavo (He Will Come) LYRICS Messianic Praise and Worship by Joshua Aaron

  1. Yes!! Amen!! Glory be to God our father!!! We long for your return and make ourselves ready as your bride!! Clothe us with your righteousness and set us apart to be holy for you are holy!! Righteous are your ways and all glory and praise belong to you alone!! Yeshua our king!!!

  2. Praise Yeshua Hamashiach he will bring order in the world shalom and righteousness etc.. King of all nations.. Shalom love from Southern Hemisphere…

  3. This is a Jubilee year. Shiloh is on his way! Everyday it gets closer to his appearing and coming for his Bride. Bible prophecy being fulfilled at a rapid pace says so.

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