12 thoughts on “Human Trafficking is Real

  1. Thank you for shedding sunlight on this subject.
    I was abducted at 14. It was only by the grace of The Father that I was able to get out. But not before bad things happened.
    Another incident.
    In Bossier city many years ago ..Sadly my best friend lost her roommate because of a man she trusted. They were seeing each other for several months. She thought he had an out of state job. But he was a serial killer and was in Florida murdering 2 women.
    She had no inclination that he was the most evil type of person. Remember ladies. Jack the Ripper was probably the nicest person you would meet.
    Please girls listen to your Dad. There are very bad people in this world not everyone is good.
    Sadly there are other stories I can share .but I feel if I told them all. People have a tendency to not believe that so much could touch one person. So I’ll leave it here. If you really need to know the other stories of family and good friends that have been devastated by trusting the wrong people. .I’ll share.
    Thanks again Paul
    To Life..keep up the fight!

  2. YES! Brother Paul – This is a pandemic and direct violation of human rights – It’s sad that the pedophilers and child trafficking rings are a direct link to BABYLONIAN Kings and Princes (DEEP STATE) who need the blood for their sick satanic rituals sacrifice to their gods baal and moloch! It is rampant now because just as many are being called back to YAH, HaSatan too has his ranking of evil spirits increasing in rituals to counteract our prayers. Those that are awake the RUACH has revealed it! Keep praying, Keep fasting and stay girded.

    ‘What’s been done before will be repeated for their is NOTHING NEW under the ☀️ sun’ – sun worship!

    That’s why it’s important for PARENTS to teach the TRUTH = TORAH to their children, ‘diligently impress it on your children’ . Teach them to be HOLY, how to PRAY and ask for the infilling of the RUACH in them so they can know how to pray over themselves as well and come under the covenant of YAHUSHUA. This is the only WAY THAT THEY CAN BE PROTECTED FROM ALL THE EVIL… under HIS TALLIT ‘secret place of El ELYON’

    Pray and anoint your children DAILY – seek ABBA’s FACE for their protection to send HIS MA’LACHIM (Warring Angels) AHEAD OF THEM IN SCHOOLS, EVERYWHERE TO GUARD AND WATCH OVER THEM… and IN FAITH IT IS DONE!

    CUT OFF ALL UNHOLY THINGS IN THEIR LIVES THAT IS A DOORWAY FOR THE ENEMY (makeup, shorts,bikinis, hair extensions,tank tops etc, WE LIVE IN AN EXCESSIVELY PERVERTED SOCIETY WITH REPROBATES AND MANY PARENTS ALLOW THEIR DAUGHTERS AND THEMSELVES TO DRESS LIKE HARLOTS OPENING A DEMONIC DOOR TO LUST AND SEXUAL IMMORALITY – BE HOLY AND CONSECRATE YOURSELVES AND YOUR HOMES. RESIST THE DEVIL AND HE WILL FLEE – It is only then that you come under the protective COVENANT OF YAH! this is my testimony and it changed our lives. ALL PARENTS will be held accountable on their day of judgement- consequence of allowing your children to stumble is deepest darkness in the chambers of HELL 🔥 you will wish you had a millstone around your neck and thrown in the depths of the seas. REPENT REPENT REPENT AND TURN BACK TO YAHUAH IN COMPLETE HOLINESS.



    Let’s pray for our leaders and their SOULS so they too can come unto repentance and defeat the lies the enemy has told them before its too late


    • Autumn Acker your right it doesn’t!

      I just felt led to share that our lifestyles as the so called church which many in this country profess to be – CHRISTIANS has played a role in encouraging perversion and it starts in our own homes.

      Like you said let’s GLORIFY YAH IN ALL THAT WE DO INCLUDING DRESS! We are called to be set-apart

  3. Great warning that every parent should get but, be careful not to over react if some stranger smiles at your kid or even says hello.
    There are also many nice man walking the streets who, like me, would never hurt a child.
    Please meet kindness with kindness as Yahshua would.

  4. the disabled people are vulnerable. Yes, a person can make many online friends through social media. Some it is apparent that they are truly ok and safe people, but some are not going in the good directions. Be wise and discerning. Focus on his goodness and mercy in times when evil men are around. There are some “shelters” around for victims of things like this…..

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