As hurricane Irma is about to hit exactly where I live, please help me get the message out about our Yeshua Our Messiah. 

There is so much fear. People everywhere are rushing to the local supermarket, clearing the shelves of water and other items. 

Help me get this important message out that they do not need to worry if they put their faith and trust in Yeshua! 

The best way you can help me at this point is to pray and send share this video link 

Pray, Praise, Proclaim, Read, Repent and Submit

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20 thoughts on “Hurricane Update. It’s Coming! Please help me.

  1. Paul, I agree with you about Yah being able to stop anything. Praying for you and yours.  THESE STORMS ARE GEO-ENG. SEE HERE, doc. they explain how they shot a couple of flares into the storm to increase it. This evil is mans doings, lets be wise and stay aline as long as we can, to preach and help others. We are in judgement now, believers use wisdom from Yahweh, not TV or man.  shalom.

  2. Be not deceived by Satan (“Gadr’el,” or “God,” for short). “The name of the third [fallen angel] is Gadr’el: he discovered every stroke of death to the children of men.” – CHANOK (Enoch) 69:6 (Eth Cepher).

    He tells masterful, evil lies through ALL human entertainment, philosophies, religions, and science, falsely so called.

    Note: “Hu-man” is one who worships Hu, the Egyptian “god of the spoken word,” a falcon or man with a ram’s head.

    YAH’s word reveals he created a stable and unmoving (like Abba YAH) earth plane with a firmament and waters above, not space, and the stars are angels.

    The true Jews are the black, Hebrew Israelites, YAHshar’el (Israel), YAHudiym from the scattered tribe of YAHuda (Jews from the tribe of Judah), and the time of Jacob’s trouble is the time of YAH’akov’s trouble.

    I believe YAH (our Father and Judge) will part his “waters above the firmament” for the “called-out ones” (church) who become “dedicated ones” (saints) when they are “kidnapped” (raptured) and literally go into him, the door, YAHusha (“YAH is salvation”). They will live and rest in YAHusha, consciously looking out through his eyes, as he rules and reigns in his kingdom over his chosen people, YAHshar’el (Israel), forever. Todah rabah, Abba YAH! HalleluYAH!

    “I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.” – MISHLEI (Proverbs) 8:17 (Eth Cepher).

  3. I wish there was an ❤ option. The 👍 doesn’t come close to expressing how much I enjoyed this lesson. I’m praying for you all in the path of this. I feel America is being called to repentance in all of this

  4. Thank you brother Paul for your encouragement .Our eyes must continually be upon our master and creator. He is the ONLY one we should ever fear. Shalom, Shalom friend

  5. Yes I am in the Palm Beaches too. I pray for everyone’s worry and fear. May they “We All” have peace in the chaos that has been created. Much love to All. Continue to be prayerful and Thankful.

  6. FOX News announced from leadership to contact the Governor’s office to report shortages so they can be met.
    I agree Paul, prayer is needed, my mother is living in a nursing home on the East Coast of Florida … I’m in New York, I have been praying for days.

  7. Ouch! I was sitting at youtube all day yesterday watching the hurricane situation, and I live in Canada. Point made. I’m off to get things done now. I needed that boot.

  8. Psalm 91, y’all. Be blessed, and remember Exodus. He was with the first church during the plagues, delivered them, and provided for them. No one else deserves our fear but Yahweh.

  9. Praise Yeshua brother this morning you came to me in prayer I remember you live down there I was lifting you up early Our Father is awesome the Holy Spirit is great already had intercedin and yes brother ppl forgot to pray for everything everyone how selfish this world has gotten wake up ppl. Love you my brother I will be lifting you up and know the Holy Spirit put you in my prayers Yeshua forgive and have mercy …

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