Chaim Goldman of explains how has a Jewish boy growing up in Philadelphia I discovered Yeshua is the Messiah.


25 thoughts on “I Became a Jewish Believer In Yeshua (Jesus)

  1. Theres no such thing as a person being jewish, the ish means pertaing to, and the word jew is short for judah, and judah is a tribe aka nation of the so called black people, not africans they are of another dark nation. The 12 tribes of israel are 12 nations, nothing to do with religion, the bible is a history book of laws, statuets and commandments for only the 12 tribes, and you can read deut.28:68 and it tells you how they came to america on slave ships, the word egypt means bondage. The other tribes are benjamin (west indians), levi (haitians), Ephraim (puerto ricans), simeon (dominicans), zebuon (guatemala to panama), manasseh (cuba), gad(north american indians), rueben(seminole indians), napthali(argentina to chile), asher(columbia to urguay), issachar(mexicans). The curses fall on them all, and only 144000 of them 12000 of each tribe will be saved from the nuclear destruction of america, you see the word gentile has 2 meanings, 1 is a non israelite, 2 is an israelite in a gentile state of mind, in other words not keeping the commandments. So you can only be an israelite if you come out of one of these lineages, you can’t convert your nationality, remember God made nations not religions, he is not the author of confusion.

    • The Jews as I perceive from Noah´s sons is that there is NO black about the Shemits! Noah´s son Ham – his decedents moved to the African countries while the shelties stayed in the Middle East : The Israelites were ALL brown skinned people with long straight hair like those of today!

    • What a load of crap you are saying. You are full of pride. The majority of black people today are not the true Jews. Jews are originally from a Israel, blacks are from Africa and the Carribean. If you want to claim to be black Egypt, then you can’t be black Israel bc Egypt held the Hebrews who became the Israelites in slavery ! Who were the je s of the holocaust ? Imposters, I don’t think so. You are spreading black replacement theology, which is a little e from hell.

    • His hair aren’t long as Jesus intended it. See, you got to interpret the verse knowing what it was in those day the meaning of “long hair”.

    • +RobDaNet APOCALYPSE 22: 18-19. that is your own interpretation. it is clear that you are escaping from undeniable truth. I feel sorry for you. I don’t trust you. JERIMIAH 17:5

  2. I am GabriEL JibrIL of EL YHVH  IL, The Eternal Holy One, ESSENCE of Existence and of: LOVE, TRUTH, LIGHT, POWER, JUSTICE and of all good things. EL Yah is ‘No Deceiver’ but YHVH freed HaSatan ‘The Deceiver’, ‘A Great Deceiver’ and ‘The Destroyer’ mentioned in the Torah/bible, who’s last name is ‘Allah’ posted in his Quran as ‘The Deceiver’, ‘A Great Deceiver’ and ‘The Destroyer’, with the same HaSatan names because he is Satan and posted in his Quran / Koran he likes to deceive and destroy. EL YHVH does not like to deceive, nor to destroy. So you who follow A Great Deceiver, wake up!

    • will *Ya’shua* , fullfilled and provides what is PROPHESIED in book of *ISAIAH’S
      no none can give what waits for believers and who asks *THE G-D* of *BIBLE*

    • But you have never read the bible with understanding as he it says all jews and all gentiles go to hell when they die there was never a plan for salvation of any Jew or gentile since the world was made. Jesus Christ a Jew believed that he was the son of God until the end when he revealed that all Jews are of their father the devil and when he was to die for the sins of the world he revealed that he was not the Christ or the messiah and he died an went to hell because he was of his father the devil.

  3. I suggest that he go read the life of a Jew who believed that he was Jesus Christ he believed that he was the son of God with the power to make sons of God but in chapter 18 of the book of John he reveals that he and all Jews are of their father the Devil Jesus Christ was ready to die for the sins of the world and just before he died he revealed that he was not the Christ or the messiah When he died he went to hell because he was of his father the Devil. He like all gentiles go to hell when they die according to matthew 3-13

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