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I can't eat raw food recipes anymore

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30 thoughts on “I can’t eat raw food recipes anymore

  1. can you do some what I eat in a day videos? I’m 5 days raw now. It’s going great. But I’m curious to as how much you eat and the variety? What are staple foods in your diet?

  2. Hello, Paul. It’s Michele from Arizona. Joe Willis wife. I recently came across some info about how amazing Polyphenols are for people with immune problems. These are in dark berries and Raspberry leaf tea. Have you heard anything about this?

  3. Can you link me to how I can contact Dr. Shendell? I live in Florida as well I have a lot of different physical pain and have had them for a while now. I am sort of paranoid of doctors so I avoid them but if you can vouch for him I’d say that’s pretty good. I am vegan, working my way to mainly raw. Thank you.

  4. Why do you even eat out at restaurants, why not prepare all of your foods in your own kitchen, where you have full control of your food, and you know how it is handled.

    • Because socializing with friends & family (who usually aren’t raw) is important to most people. There are plenty of raw fooders who isolate themselves and put a high priority on having total control over their meals, at the expense of their social life, but I for one found living this way to be unsatisfying and depressing. Sure your diet is pure and clean at all times, but you pay for this by being alienated from your social network. Some people find another raw fooder to date/marry, and then find staying at home every night easier, but IMO this is still a psychologically unhealthy way to live that cuts you off from other people.

    • +TOOK KAT Correction. You can order raw greens in almost every restaurant. I live in a big city with a huge foodie scene and many excellent restaurants. Trying to eat 100% raw is next to impossible at most of these places. “Just ordering a salad” means you will be presented with a plate of raw mixed greens. Bon appetit! This is because the vast majority of ingredients added to the greens are oily and cooked and salted. Maybe in the warmer months you could get some tomatoes. So no, I don’t think just ordering a salad is really an option, unless you are content with gnawing on raw leaves with no dressing, while your friends/family enjoy their food. I speak from experience.

  5. i am 54 and I try to be strict with how i eat and look.. very important to take care of the all the person… then i don´t care if all raw or all vegan or all vegetarian or a little cook food or whatever…important to enjoy withing the healthy vegetarian vegan raw without extrems …. extrems show only sickness in peoples minds .. enloy and be healthy .. peace

  6. Exactly!!  I’m not getting older either  – – but always getting better.  If I eat clean, like at Hippocrates, or Tree of Life, – – at a living foods center with sprouts, etc., I can eat there.  But I cannot eat anymore at raw restaurants.  Its not ‘clean’ enough for me. . which is sad, because I’d love to eat out once in a while. . but I find I cannot do it either anymore.  I won’t eat cooked food because that would be like unplugging me from the life force of the universe.  I eat rocket fuel. . . 100% raw, living foods and I’m “ON’ every day.  I don’t mess with my diet.  I see people with their ‘thickness’, their ‘dry skin’ and premature aging, falling asleep after they eat. . . That is not my lifestyle.  I always say . . .I’ve been ill and I’ve been healthy.  Healthy is BETTER!  Eat vegan, raw and living. . and thrive.

  7. Paul, I first became a raw vegan back in the day when you were first became raw. I was following you then and still find that your videos make a lot of sense. I have been a raw vegan for 20+ years now. Occasionally, I have something cooked also — but very rarely and mostly for convenience. I too agree that cooked food is not going to give you the same level of vitality that raw food will give you. I further agree that the many “raw vegan” complicated recipes out there now are really not going to give you incredible vitality also. I try to keep things simple also, and the more simple I eat the better I feel all around. These days — as I have gone through many phases as a raw vegan — I eat raw plant food without the addition of salt, oil or sugar. I eat plant fats, but lower amounts than in the early days when I first became raw (10-15%). I feel pretty awesome and I think I look very young for my age. Thanks for sharing Paul.

  8. I’m looking to transition to fully raw for optimal health. Right now I’m only part time raw, but I assume I’m still getting some benefits.

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