No, I didn't smoke pot. That's not the stoning I'm referring to. Don't worry, I wasn't preaching the good news and got stoned that way either. What I'm referring to is cleansing and what came out of my body.

I just did some spring-cleaning, yes I know it's the summer time but I just completed a living/gallbladder flush and had some really amazing results that I discuss in today's video.

Today's question of the day is have you ever done a Liver/Gallbladder flush? If so did any stones come out?

You have to see this video to understand, LOL. Check it out and post your questions below.

Oh, if you want to order the book,
Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush, The, by Andreas Moritz
visit this link to order:


8 thoughts on “I Got Stoned.. part 1

  1. I did it in 2009 and several stone came out, I didn’t really count., but was shocked to see the stones. Drinking the Epsom salt was totally disgusting! One must be courageous to do the liver cleanse, but you feel amazing afterwards. Will do it again.

  2. The “flush” is dangerous. Dr. Micahel Klaper– “Your health practitioner would likely believe that their therapy was effective and tell you that the whitish chips were “broken up gallstones.” In reality, both you and the practitioner would have witnessed a physiological parlor trick..””…actually chips of olive oil soap, created in the intestine by the action of the alkaline secretions of the pancreas upon fat…”

  3. I did this flush and took the stones to my medical doctor who wanted to put me in the hospital and take out my gallbladder but I wanted to do the flush first. he was amazed and said they were gallstones. I still have my gallbladder.

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