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7 thoughts on “I had a near death experience

  1. Thank you Paul for the beautiful reminder of how Yeshua saved us from death to Life in Him.  Not quite the direction I was expecting based on the title of the video, in all honesty, yet well done Good & Faithful Servant !     Shalom achi : )

  2. I *did* die, go “over yonder”, and I was sent back here to “complete missions”….. THIS event was the catalyst that changed my life forever!
    YAH *IS* LOVE ~~~ Vast, Unconditional, and Eternal ~~ and even these words are cumbersome,at best and can’t even *begin* to describe this PURE LOVE that He *IS* ~~

    My testimony is very long, and at times hard to hear ~~because AFTER my NDE, I went through some very unbelievably difficult and “firey” trials.

    I am blessed to have found His *WORD* and the TRUTH!

    Adam ~~~ *Man*
    Seth~~~~~~ *Appointed*
    Enoch~~~~~~ *Mortal*
    Kenan~~~~~~~ *Sorrow*
    Mahalel~~~~~~~ *The Blessed God* <---------------------- Jared~~~~~~~~~~ *Shall Come Down* Enoch~~~~~~~~~~~ *Teaching* Methuselah~~~~~~~~~ *His Death Shall Bring* <-------------------- Lamech~~~~~~~~~~~~ *The Desparing* Noah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Comfort* , *Rest*

  3. Shalom I had twice death illness experienced, one in 2011 of fibroids bleeding a lot and anaemia and YAHWEH saved my life by doing the surgery and in 2015 was diagnosed with colitis then 2016 and 2017 lost more than 30 lbs in January 2018 I was diagnosed with colon cancer, unfortunately an aunt had colon cancer she died 3 months later but in my case YAHWEH revealed to me that I was going to get worse and yes I went to the Hospital and the doctor found a colon cancer and he said I have to do the surgery so I start praying to YAHWEH and ask him go do the surgery and to use the surgeon because He knew where exactly where it was, and on a Friday afternoon the surgeon did the surgery. Praise YAHWEH!
    My husband and my daughter were waiting for me to wake up then my husband told me that the surgeon told him that so many surgeries he has done “this surgery has been the most wonderful surgery he has ever done”. YAHWEH did a Miracle in me. He will keep doing Miracles in me and in my family, I have seen it. Praise Him all the time! Blessings! Shalom!

  4. Yes amen! Praise Yeshua!!
    U inspired me to go get my Bible and read and learn…
    Unfortunately I had not done that yet today 🙁
    And feeling convicted about not sharing enough about my Savior..
    So many need Him !!

  5. Praise YAH & halleluYAH you are well! The hand of YAH intervening on your behalf, and to get your attention to prepare you for His Kingdom! You were His from the foundation of the world, and no man could pluck you out of Yeshua’s hand! I have had a 45 colt put to my head by a drunk man, car accidents, and a whole litany of things, both physical and spiritual. In 10/2007, my husband was taken by ambulance to Duke University in heart failure. He had cardioversion x 2. He was expected to live maybe to the holidays, but likely not to 2008. He is still going strong… it wasn’t his time. Scary, too, because although we were “Christians” then and not followers of Torah. I praise YAH every day that we are here and our eyes are opened. I am grateful every day…

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