Robert Scott Bell talks about the amazing healing benefits of Sovereign Silver (Colloidal)

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39 thoughts on “I Never Knew How Amazing Colloidal Sliver Was For Health

  1. I just bought the Sovereign Silver and after a week of using it i feel the big difference of my body… Gives me more energy i dont really get a fatigue easily after work. Also i have fatty tumor and notice my fatty tumor skrinks. This is a miracle wish i found this long time ago. I will take this once everyday for a maintenance… I notice i didnt catch any allergy…

    • Read carefully some papers on AgNPs (Silver Nanoparticles) and they’re in-vitro/in-vivo interactions. Unless you have semiconductor industry grade nanotechnological facilities the thing you’re making at home is a fucking poison! One needs subnanometric particles and a very tight control over their morhpology, so no deviations would occur. Too big a particle or too weak a charge and they cluster up and form superclusters that will damage your liver, kidneys and perhaps will interfere with DNA. One needs a control loop to constantly adjust the synthesis process accordingly. Electron Transmission Microscopy, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry etc. These are all industry grade nanotech facilities indispensable from the synthesis process. With nanotechnology ignorance is bliss, until you’re dead.

  2. get your facts straight… the blue man turned blue because he put silver on his skin not because he ingested it. (oprah winfrey interview where he stated that himself)

  3. Hi Paul. I copy and pasted this from another post. Can you tell me why I got so sick after taking the colloidal silver? Sheila
    I have had a product for a while in my cupboard. It is Sovereign Silver, 10 PPM’s. I was told the shelf life on this was at least a year if not more. Since the flu season is here I decided to take some of it. I work in a university where we have no open windows and people catch each other’s colds. I had put a teaspoon of this under my tongue for 30 seconds, according to the directions, and then swallowed it. I did this two times in one day. In the next couple of days I came down with a cold and had a fever of 102. I have never had such a high fever before. I even see the product to the right side on this page. The Raw Life Health Show talked about this product. I don’t know why I got as sick as I did.

    • Hi, Sheila. When you take Colloidal Silver for the first time. And your Body has not been detoxed properly. You get what is called a ” Die off Effect” This will make you feel sick. Because your killing of thousands of parasites and bad bacteria. When they die that quickly. They release Mycotoxins directly in your blood stream. This will make the strongest person feel ill. Prepare your body by cleaning it out slowly. Eating better, Dieting, Sleeping better, Drinking clean pure distilled water. In a few months. You will feel reborn if you stick with it.

    • Thanks. I do try to eat as clean as I can. I don’t eat any processed foods, except mustard (I mix it with honey to make dressing for salads). I had only taken maybe three teaspoons of this product? Don’t you think that having silver in the body might not be the best thing? I am always putting chlorella in my smoothies. This is to remove any metals or toxins. So why would having silver be good in the body? I had someone else tell me that people think it is so healthy, but this person was showing pictures of people who turned colors from it. Their skin was permanantly altered. I have seen pictures of the man that turned blue. Of course he had a lot of it. What is your experience with it? Let me know your first hand experience. It does make sense what you are saying. Do you have first hand experience as well? Sheila

    • Sheila, Yes all those things are good for you. I’ve practiced many protocols. And yes i had die off symptoms. However it was due to being unexperienced in the field of Colloidal’s. Copper gave me that reaction as did the silver. I haven’t had an issues since that time. Taking them at night or early in the mornings on empty stomach works for me. These are very important to practice. Silver is one of the best minerals to be taking in. There are so many different ways we are being poisoned. Foods, Drinking water, Bath and shower water, Chemical soaps, hair dyes, deodorants with aluminum in them, chemical air trails, 2nd hand smoke, just to name a few. You can never do enough to fight off these dangerous free radicals. And you body needs its minerals to regenerate, repair, and restore the damaged cells you (we) Lose everyday. The best quality minerals are crucial for your over all well being. However it’s not for everyone. Some people dont think they need to be there best versions of themselves. So it’s up to you. Goolge Search all Colloidal minerals and read the benefits they have on the body. And think about how many you actually never heard of or had. Cause there is a lot that you cannot just buy anywhere in the quality needed. Hope this helps. Been studying for 5 years now. And still learning more daily. Have a great day.

    • I have been studying these things too. I once bought ionic silver. I still might have some of that. I was taking it through the nose which ends up trickling down my throat. I had gotten it from a site where this kid just shows his upper body in his videos. He never shows his face. From listening to him I bought the ionic silver. Let me know what you think about that. I didn’t have a bad reaction. Also, the Sovereign Silver that I have is endorsed by Paul Nison. He is very into health. I trust his judgement. Also, I take vitamin C as much as I can. Especially now that I am getting over that bad fever and cold. I have been adding it into my green smoothies that I have every morning for years now. Right now I have a lot of mucus in my system. Thank god the holidays are here and I will be off for a week!!!

  4. I’ve been literally studying like a mad-man to find a solution and cure myself for more than a year now and i can’t express how thankful i am to have found this video. I’ve been diagnosed with early MS few months ago and i’ve been suffering from pretty bad symptoms for about a year. I realized that no doctor in my country will or can help and i’m on my own, so i started eating as healthy as i could eat, started making green smoothies with chlorella and spirulina, tried Zeolite Clinoptilolite, best organic multivitamins i could find, etc. I really hope i finally found something that will help me reverse this nasty disease for which i believe deep down it CAN be cured!

    • Earth Clinic’s contributing writer, Dave Thomas, explains how he helped his wife of early stage MS by detoxing her of heavy metals and giving her 2 supplements, Calcium AEP and Sphingolin. This protocol took 3 months to see results.

    • I’m taking D3 5000IU daily (2000IU atm since i’m on the sun a lot), large doses of B12 too as long with Kelp (iodine). I think i get the rest from blending smoothies with chlorella, wheatgrass and other healthy fruits and veggies. Ye, i think i’m pretty toxic with all the amalgam fillings i have, so the next step is getting them out asap. Chlorella and activated charcoal should do the work in eliminating the rest, after they’re removed.

    • I don’t understand what are you trying to say. I said that i’m already taking natural form of Iodine from Kelp, natural D3 vitamin, i get vitamin K2 from Kale, Spinach, Wheatgrass and other greens i blend into smoothies. Why should i youtube something i already know? 🙂

  5. Just seeing this now… I bought some sovereign silver from my local health food store – not even knowing if it was the best brand to buy- but it said high absorbency so i was like … ok i’ll get this one. So glad to see someone like you recommending it! 🙂 Makes me feel like I made the right choice.

  6. Hey was doing okay until he mentioned cholesterol. The human body produces cholesterol and a perfect amount. You don’t need to get more from your diet. Your body knows when to stop making if there is already enough in the body which is why dietary cholesterol (like eggs) doesn’t affect it much when consumed in moderation. If you eat too many eggs or any other kind of cholesterol it will definitely affect your blood serum cholesterol. This is also why the government doesn’t recommend eating more than one egg a day.

  7. lots of crap going around this winter around here and so far so good for my family. kids both take half teaspoon of this in morning, me and fiance take 2 teaspoons everymorning and we all good. no sickness no flu no mono. and there was all kinds of crap going around schools and daycare and kids got none of it. before taking this they were getting sick atleast once a month even during warmer months

  8. thanks for the information. this is a good option if I don’t have the time to make my own or buy the contraption to make my own. I have to say that this is the first of hearing salt being used to make it. Normally just distilled water, silver, and generator. But thanks, I will pay more attention.

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